Healing At Home With Taichi

Tai chi is a 4000-year-old martial art and works on the integration of body, mind and soul, on the principal that every physical ailment stems from the mind and that a proper balance between mind and body can correct and prevent these issues. In our previous article, we discussed how the lungs store sadness and grief, and how these emotions impact our health. Let us now look at another strong emotion that often takes over our lives…

It’s easy to smile when all is rosy, but to smile and keep the faith during trying times needs emotional conditioning. The stresses brought on by the ongoing lockdown makes us easy prey to worry, despair or even panic. While we put on brave faces and wait for the virus to die out, we try to eat right, exercise and follow necessary practices… but what about our mental wellbeing and emotional hygiene? When true mettle is tested, it is the emotionally and mentally strong that last longer and lead the way. Instead of succumbing to fear, despair and depressing thoughts which make you feel insecure and out of control, consciously choose what brings you happiness and balance. 

Taichi, aptly called ‘meditation in movement’, helps calm the mind; it is a healing art and a life-skill. To benefit from Taichi, we need to focus within and connect with the energy working on different parts of the body. Taichi works on the source of emotions and helps clear blockages. While it may not be able to control the external environment, its practice can empower you within with strength, calm, positivity and inner peace, which stays on for the rest of the day, even after the practice has ended. This provides tremendous benefits to you physically, emotionally and mentally. Even the physically disadvantaged have greatly benefitted with Taichi, as it can be practiced standing (ideally), sitting or even lying down. Though it is not a substitute for regular medical care, Taichi integrates the best of traditional and modern healing modalities, strengthens your immune and respiratory systems, based on specific exercises which work on different body parts. It is important that Taichi be practiced under guided supervision. 

Get Connected: A simple exercise for all, is to gently place your tongue touching the upper palate, just behind the teeth, as if you are saying the letter – ‘L’. This connects the front and back energy channels and results in constant flow of energy in a circuit within your body. It keeps you calmer and negates wasting energy.

Visualization: Visualize yourself in a column of white light. Feel yourself engulfed in this light and that your entire aura is healthy. Feel happy within or make an effort to do so. Even if you’re unable to clearly visualize this, imagine being immersed in this white, healing light and let your intent be strong and powerful. During this visualization try to forget all else. Stay in this state for as long as you can, inhaling and exhaling comfortably. When you feel full of this energy, exhale slowly and open your eyes. You can do this thrice a day.

Affirmations: Repeat this powerful affirmation: “I am healthy, wealthy, enlightened and wise.” As you do so, you can recite the sentence focusing on one word at a time. You might feel you’re able to relate to one word out of this sentence and you tend to stop there. If need be, then do so and continue. You can repeat this affirmation as often as you wish. What matters is the strong intent to stay in a healthy emotional, physical and mental state.

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