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Earlier this year saw the launch of Empress Worldwide Travelz, a leading Destination Travel Advisory based out of Mumbai, offering full service operations across Europe, USA, UAE, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Japan, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Sri Lanka. Conceptualised and headed by travel expert, Kashmira Dumasia, who brings in over thirteen years of enriched experience spanning forty-five countries, in a short span, Empress Travelz is soon gaining a great reputation for providing its patrons unmatched services like Design Planning for customized Itineraries, ease of travel formalities, excellent service and, of course, memories of a lifetime!

Empress Worldwide Travelz offers over 300 itineraries to choose for Group Departures. Each customer/group is provided excellent service with detailed understanding about the choice of tourist locations, activities, food, travel tips, et al. As per Kashmira Dumasia, the success of Empress Travelz is the consequence of consistent endeavours in raising the standards of the customers’ travel and holiday experiences. As a proud Parsi entrepreneur, she is aware of and gives priority to the preferences of community members!


Kashmira answers the following questions posed by readers:

Kyra Master: What do you mean by customized tours and ‘Zero-Worry’ travels?

Kashmira: Our customised tours and itineraries are planned designed and executed to perfectly fit and cater to the exact preferences of our clients. This could include preferences in terms of travel, stay, destination, themes, events, food, tourist sites, etc. One of our main USPs is our ability to ensure our customers get all they expected… and more! Another USP is that we hand-hold our clients through any issues they may face during travel. For eg., baggage loss and loss of passport is most common. We ensure you ‘Zero Worry’ travels by providing a thorough briefing pre-travel, and staying with you till all issues are resolved – be it robbery, misplaced items or medical emergencies.


Boman Driver: How do you cater for special needs for Seniors’ travel?

Kashmira: At Empress Worldwide Travelz, we have specially designed tours for our Seniors! We consider seniors in keeping with their physical condition and consequent requirements – while some may have knee issues, others are unable to sit for long hours, and yet others may have particular ailments / medication. All aspects are considered when we design tours for Seniors. Having escorted Group tours for almost 14 years, I’ve witnessed the discomfort many seniors have faced, as the salesperson hasn’t bothered to consider their special factors or informed them about the tour. Our team at EWT strongly caters to even minute details of seniors and ensures complete honesty.


Sanaya Shroff: As a woman traveler, I’m interested in knowing about your ‘Travel Divas’ package.

Kashmira: Increasingly, the world over, women have taken to travel – individually or as a group of like-minded travelers. Keeping this in mind, EWT offers the ‘TRAVEL DIVAS’ package – exclusively designed tours for women, where we customize itineraries based on their preferences, and as added safety, we are constantly in touch with them on WhatsApp and ensure that we are thorough with the chosen destination. It’s a big hit with the women as it gives them a sense of freedom and safety.


Zubin Karachiwala: Tell us about your orientation process – how do you prepare your clients?

Kashmira: Before every departure, we personally meet our clients and update them on travel details and processes and what to expect at the destinations. We go into finer detailing like being well on time at the airport, documentation, clothing to carry, transit procedures at stop-overs, shopping tips, medical emergencies, destination do’s and don’ts, international travel adaptors, etc. Since we understand the need for the current day traveler to stay connected with family and friends, we guide them as regards appropriate sim cards and internet providers, and we also provide a free wifi device (against a refundable deposit).


Delnaz A. Munshi: Can you help me with a tour for young children?

Kashmira: We also specialize in designing Edu-tainment Tours’ (education and entertainment) for students – a fab mix of learning and fun. Our tours offer exploring new destinations and cultures in a safe and fun environment – we take special care designing the tours as we know the children would be traveling without their parents. We stay connected with parents all through and also ensure they stay connected with their children.

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