The Phoenix Of The Future!

Organ and tissue loss through disease and injury motivates the development of therapies that can regenerate tissues and decrease reliance on transplantation. Regenerative medicine, an interdisciplinary field that applies engineering and life-science principles to promote regeneration, can potentially restore diseased and injured tissues and whole organs. Since its inception several decades ago, a number of […]

Humata, Hukhta, Huvarshta – The Ethical Code Of Zoroastrianism –

Er. Adil J. Govadia Humata, Hukhta, Huvarshta (HHH), the three Avestan words, encapsulate the ethical code of Zoroastrianism – these are considered a moral extension of a Mobed’s (priest) threefold professional deportment, required to perform his hallowed duty of worship efficiently with right intentions (thoughts), right pronunciations (words) and precise conduct of rituals (deeds) (Ref. ‘Zoroastrians, Their Religious […]


A Time To Rise And Shine… Dear Readers, It’s not just the population in our community that’s been on the decline… From being bequeathed a legacy of nation building, to having reduced ourselves to bickering over free-housing, we’ve descended much… From being known for our sense of humility, grace and gratitude, we have fallen prey […]

PZSM’s ‘Zappy Zoroastrians’ Celebrate 4th Anniversary

The Poona Zarthosti Seva Mandal’s (PZSM) children’s classes titled, ‘Zappy Zoroastrians’, celebrated its 4th anniversary on 1st September, 2023. A gala eve was organised at the beautifully decorated Sir J J Agyari Hall in Pune, bringing together past and present Zappy Zoroastrians, parents and volunteers. It was graced by PZSM’s President – Rukhsshana Anklesaria, VP […]

Pune’s Dar-e-Meher ‘Komda Ni Agiary’ Celebrates 130th Salgreh

The Poona Kadmi and Sehensai Dar-e-meher, popularly known as ‘Komda ni Agiary’, celebrated it auspicious 130th salgreh, on 17th September, 2023. A Jashan, on behalf of the trustees, was performed in the morning, followed by an evening Machi, and an insightful talk by the community’s leading authority on Zoroastrianism – Noshir Dadrawala, titled ‘Divine Truth […]