The Sky Is No More The Limit!   Dear Readers, Despite her massive diversity, there are times when India – the world’s most populated nation and our homeland – comes together to celebrate as one proud republic, in the true essence of national unity. This is what we experienced on the 23rd and 24th of […]


Khordad Sal Mubarak!   Dear Readers,   Before all else, on behalf of Team PT, I thank you for your very encouraging and positive feedback on PT’s Parsi New Year Special Issue. Your kind and helpful feedback brings us as much joy, as it provides direction for our onward content journey and services for the […]

સાલ મુબારક!

પ્રિય વાચકો, ભલે આપણે યઝ 1393 ને આવકારવા માટે તૈયાર હોઈએ! પણ નવી શરૂઆત હંમેશા શુભ હોય છે – આશા અને સકારાત્મકતાની ભાવના જેઓ આશાવાદી નથી તેઓને પણ ઘેરી લે છે – નવી શરૂઆતનો જાદુ બધા પર છવાઈ જાય છે! અને આપણે બધા એક કુટુંબ અને એક સંયુક્ત સમુદાય તરીકે આપણાં અનન્ય પારસીપણુંની ઉજવણી કરવા […]

Sal Mubarak!   Dear Readers,   There’s always something auspicious about new beginnings – even as we ready ourselves to welcome YZ 1393! A lingering sense of hope and positivity envelopes even the greatest sceptics – the magic of new beginnings rubs off on all! And we all come together to celebrate our unique Parsipanu, […]

When It Rains, It Pours!   Dear Readers,   Our maximum city seems to be setting new maximum records in this month of July! While Mumbai recorded its wettest July ever, with 1557.8 mm rainfall, on a global level, July 2023 is set to upend previous heat benchmarks, and is on track to be the […]

Dear Readers,   Nothing binds a community more than its youth coming together for the common purpose aimed towards its growth and success. This need for the convergence of youth becomes that much more amplified when the community is as minuscule as ours. This is why Parsi Times is always delighted to proudly celebrate the […]

Sal Mubarak To Our Kadimi Brethren!   Dear Readers, In a couple of days, on Monday, 17th July, our Kadimi brethren will celebrate New Year as per the Kadimi Calendar. For our fun-loving community, which is always ready to celebrate all auspicious occasions – every event is an excuse to feast and enjoy – the […]

Caution And Compassion…   Dear Readers,   Even as we thank the Rain Gods for smiling upon us and as we welcome the onset on the much-needed monsoons, the consequences of this change of season warrants our added attention… on two levels – caution and compassion. Caution demands, nay, ensures our adherence sooner or later […]

There Is No Better Time Than NOW!   Dear Readers, And just like that, the first half of the year is over! As we welcome the latter half of 2023, maybe we should take some time out to look back and take stock of all those resolutions and goals and ambitions that we started out […]

Traditions And Celebrations!   Dear Readers,   The importance of keeping traditions alive becomes immensely important for small communities. For a minuscule community like ours, the cruciality is next level, because our traditions which largely ensure the survival of our distinct culture, as knowledge is passed down from one generation to the next, thereby preserving […]