The All New Education Loans From Zoroastrian Bank

 In today’s competitive world, Education is the key to success. However, pursuing higher education can be a costly affair, especially if you want to study abroad or in a reputed institute of your choice in India.

Zoroastrian Bank is now offering their New Education Loans that can help you fulfil your dreams at the best possible rates.

With their New Education Loans, you can get loans for domestic and international studies including course fees and other expenses. You can also enjoy collateral-free loans up to Rs. 5 lakhs. Preferential interest rates can be offered for girl students and for top-ranked colleges and universities, with flexible repayment options.

Yazdi Tantra, Chairman, Zoroastrian Corporation Bank Ltd., said, “This is an ongoing initiative of the Bank to make higher education easily accessible to a large section of our population.”

Sanction and disbursal speeds may just surprise you! So, be it Engineering, Medicine, Management, Law, or any other course, check out the All New Education Loans from Zoroastrian Bank – you need not look any further! Reach out to your nearest Branch today!

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