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Parsi Times is delighted to present our yearly ‘PARSI PRIDE BRIGADE’ series each week, where we heartily congratulate and take pride in sharing the academic successes of our community’s bright-sparks – the next gen! This year too, we are overjoyed to commend the hard work and efforts put in, by not just our diligent students, but also their even more diligent parents, who have worked as hard, to see them through!

We live in an ultra-competitive environment, with marksheets displaying scores that frazzle the brain! A few decades ago, scoring above 95% in Literature or Science or Social Studies was unheard of! But today, some students rue anything less than a cent per cent. Then again, how can you blame them when the cut-off markers, set by the sought-after colleges and other educational institutions, are as outrageous!

But what of those who didn’t make this ‘cut’… or worse, didn’t make it through the finish line? Though scoring less or failing an exam does not signal the end of the world, it’s disadvantageous. Lack of adequate educational qualifications proves brutal in the real world because your academic success plays a huge role in helping you get your foot in the door which opens to rewarding careers.

That said, even if your results are undesirable, we must focus on what best we could do in the present situation, instead of ruing the past, so as to secure a better future. Failure ceases to be failure when you view it as part of the learning process (you’d be learning that the hard way!) and transform it into an opportunity to make those much-needed course corrections and reset your efforts towards success. That will surely bring you the desired results, and when that happens, PT will be right here to partake in and celebrate your accomplishments with the community, via ‘PARSI PRIDE BRIGADE’!

Here’s to all our fabulous students – may you grow to shine on ever brightly and continue doing your family and the community proud!


Have a good weekend!


– Anahita

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