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A very simple Video Recording tool, Cam-Recorder helps create videos online or offline. Just click on the Record button to start. It uses your microphone and webcam after requesting your permission for access. The recording takes place locally and you can save it on your local hard disk after it’s done, after which you can share with recipients […]

Tech Know With Tantra – Pin a Chat on WhatsAppVolume 08 – Issue 39, 12th January 2018, Parsi Times, Parsi, News, Zoroastrians, Parsis of Bombay, Mumbai, news, deliver, truth, weekly,

WhatsApp is one of the most preferred media for instant text communications across the world, both for formal and informal connections. Over a period of time, the chats could get cluttered and overwhelming, leading to some important messages getting missed out or ignored. In order to avoid this, Whatsapp provides a provision to ‘Pin’ messages from […]