Quiz: Mommy, Are You Happy?

As a mother, making sacrifices becomes second nature. As a woman, you are expected to be adept at taking on new capacities in your stride, even excelling at them, while sustaining and bettering the older ones! Mommies are the real Super Women of our times. Even as ‘motherhood’ unquestioningly assumes the ‘center of their universe’ […]

Caption This – 11th May

Calling all our readers to caption this picture! The wittiest caption will win a fabulous prize! Send in your captions at editor@parsi-times.com by 15th May, 2019. Winner: Akshay: Arre Sir! I was asking how you would devour the AAM (Aadmi Party), not the fruit! Modi: Kerjiwal aur Kairi mein anyways zyaada farq nahi! -By Eric […]


Just a tip: a couple – make that a handful – of tissues always come in handy when watching films on destitute quadrupeds. Based on the book by W Bruce Cameron, who’s also written ‘A Dog’s Journey’ (due out later this year) – the follow-up to his immensely successful ‘A Dog’s Purpose’ (2017) – it […]