Caption This – 11th January

Calling all our readers to caption this picture! The wittiest caption will win a fabulous prize! Send in your captions at by 15th January, 2020.  Winner: Tortoise: Hey ‘Hare’! Your ‘HEIRS’ will have a ‘HAIR’-raising experience proving your Citizenship under CAA! You’re gonna feel ‘Hare’ssed and ‘Hare’rowed! By Hoofriz Dotiwalla

Film Review: Sab Kushal Mangal

Somewhere in Jharkhand, in a small town called Karnalganj, is a small-time politician-cum-goon (isn’t this species omnipresent in those areas?) Baba Bhandari (Akshaye Khanna), who’s perennially shadowed by two cronies and whose supplementary means of income is from kidnapping potential grooms for girls whose parents can’t afford the dowry, which runs into lakhs. The local […]