Parsi Times Promotes Parsi Entrepreneurs (1) ‘Spice Delight’ by Avan Pollard and Shahnawaz Sasoori: When her husband, who ran an Uber service found himself grounded due to the lockdown, Avan Pollard decided to draw on her roots and get into the business of Organic, Natural spices, Pickles, Ready-to-cook Pastes and much more. Incidentally, her father […]

Beyond Meat…

There is enough for every man’s needs, but not for his greed! The demand for meat consumption globally is similar – and Mother Earth is running out of resources to provide it. The meat industry uses up exorbitant amounts of land and water, making it the number one contributor to deforestation and climate change. If […]

Appeal By F S Parukh Dharamshalla

The F. S. Parukh Dharamshalla, a home for the aged and a much-needed initiative of the BPP, situated at Khareghat Colony, Hughes Road, is a boon for the senior citizens of our community. 90% of the residents here reside totally free of cost, with all requirements catered including accommodation, meals, clothes, linen, diapers, toiletries, laundry […]

The Zen Series: No Shoes

In this seventeenth part of ‘The Zen Series’, a Zen master’s answer to a monk’s innocent question, reveals great wisdom to be applied in life! Socrates believed that the wise person would instinctively lead a frugal life. He himself would not even wear shoes; yet he constantly fell under the spell of the marketplace and […]

Challenges Faced By Full Time Practicing Parsi Priests

Team Empowering Mobeds (EM) presented an insightful, relevant and informative webinar on 7th May, 2021, titled, ‘Challenges Faced By Full Time Practicing Parsi Priests’, on Jiyo Parsi’s Friday Forum platform which digitally facilitates the community to connect with important issues. Commencing the session with a warm welcome, event moderator Binaifer Sahukar shared how the webinar […]