‘Once Upon A City’ And More…

– Tête-à-tête With City Chronicler And Author, Meher Marfatia – . Born and raised in Bombay, Meher Marfatia graduated from St. Xavier’s College with English Literature and Psychology, and holds a Master’s degree in English Literature. She was awarded the Scholarship in Advanced Journalism Studies at the International School of Journalism in Berlin, Germany (1989). […]

Yalda Night

As joyful Christian countries around the world get ready to celebrate Christmas, all streets, stores and houses are decorated with lights for the glorious festive season. One hears Christmas carols and X’mas cheer everywhere – and some people even wear Christmas jumpers! For Iranians around the world, it’s a little different, because they are getting […]

‘Parsis – A Timeless Legacy’: A Pictorial Odyssey!

The first thing you notice is the tremendous effort that went into these perfect pictures by camera-maestro, Shantanu Das, who employed the very best of his 20-plus-years expertise and perfected techniques, to document our glorious Parsi culture, traditions and people. Travelling across Mumbai, Kolkata, Udvada, Navsari, Surat, Nargol and Sanjan, Shantanu’s popular clicks captured special […]

IUU 2019 – Come, Be A Part Of Our Great Zoroastrian History!

It all started in 2014, when Prime Minister, H’ble Shri Narendra Modi suggested the establishment of a ‘special Parsi festival’ that would help bring together our small yet close-knit and much-cherished community from across the world, in celebration of our cultural, social and religious ethos, in Udvada – our pilgrimage headquarters. With great planning and […]