A Mother’s Garden

Common courtesy is so scarce these days! Unless you’re living in a cave, it’s hard to miss our culture’s current trend towards discourteous and disrespectful behavior. Whether it’s something in the news or a more immediate source – like the middle-finger brandishing driver who was tailgating your car – our daily lives (and our children’s) […]

Padma Shree Dinyar Contractor:
Actor Extraordinaire… Legend!

  Parsi Times Reporter Binaisha M. Surti catches up with Padma Shree awardee, legendary theatre actor, writer, director, producer and film personality – Dinyar Contractor – the ageless celebrity – full of high octane energy… charming, witty, expressive, charismatic with an inexhaustible zest for acting, one of the greatest personalities of the entertainment world. This […]

Ride bawa Ride!

The Bawaji love for motorcycles (and many other things from an era of yore) is legendary. We take great pride in the ownership and maintenance of our Classics. It is with good reason that a ‘Parsi owned’ vehicle demands a premium, during resale.   The Vintage Zoroastrian Bikers of Bombay (VZBB) is a one such […]

Animal Welfare And Rescue Efforts (AWARE Foundation) E – 30655

Established in 2014, the AWARE (Animal Welfare And Rescue Efforts) Foundation, has been committed to the welfare and rescue of stray animals and has been conducting numerous activities including Feeding stray animals; Veterinary First Aid, Trauma Care, Spaying, Neutering and Immunization Against Rabies and other infectious diseases. AWARE is operational primarily in South Mumbai and […]