The Perfect Time For Fudge: ‘NINE 15’!

‘PT Push’ is Parsi Times’ endeavour to promote and encourage the spirit of entrepreneurship in our Community. This column is dedicated to furthering the cause of all our budding entrepreneurs – immaterial of age or any other considerations. We do this by sharing their efforts with our readers, to gain your support in the hope that you will patronize their products/services and contribute towards upping the Entrepreneural Quotient of our Community! In this episode, PT Push presents Tozaar and Azhaan Cooper, and their sweet venture – ‘NINE 15’.

The preferred choice of a career came naturally to the Cooper brothers – Tozaar and Azhaan – hailing from a family of bakeries and bakers! While Tozaar has an Associate Degree specializing in Culinary Arts (USA), Azhaan possesses a Grand Diploma in Cuisine and Patisserie (Sydney) and an Associate Degree in Pastry Arts (USA). Both are Le Cordon Bleu alumni with varied experiences across different establishments… Tozaar has worked at Spago (Chef. Wolfgang Puck’s flagship restaurant) in Beverly Hills while Azhaan has sharpened his expertise with Chef Damien Brassel at Ananas Brasserie, Sydney. And both have worked together at Amrish Arora’s Hammer and Song (Cuffe Parade, South Mumbai).

PT: Tell us a little about yourselves.

Tozaar: Waking up to smells of brownies or mawa cakes or fudges was commonplace in our house.Mom comes from a bakery background of Kalyan (Nizam Bakery). Our uncle has a bakery in Pune (City Bakery).

Azhaan: After having worked for a while, we both decided to be young entrepreneurs and get started with our own venture. What better way than to offer a sweet indulgence like Fudge – which is adored by all Right from a 3-year-old to a 90-year-old! And thus was born ‘Nine 15’! We are based out of Colaba.

PT: What’s special about ‘NINE 15’ Fudge?

Tozaar: The fudge recipe is a very traditional family recipe which we have mastered to suit the modern palates. Our fudges are chocolaty and gooey but not clawingly sweet. They’re nutty and dairy based, and they give you that totally decadent divine feel in the mouth! You simply have to try it once!

Azhaan: All our fudges have different textures and flavor profiles, to suit every palate. Also, all our fudges are 100% vegetarian.

 PT: Tell us more…

Tozaar: We offer 7 pronounced variations to this nostalgia – ‘Chocolate Walnut’; ‘Chocolate Hazelnut’; ‘Chocolate Mint’; ‘Chocolate Orange’; ‘Chocolate Walnut Coffee; ‘Special Chocolate Raisin’ and ‘Special Chocolate Orange’.

Azhaan: Since it’s a home venture, even a 250 gram fudge box can be picked up from home. We deliver within a radius of 3 kms of orders worth 1kg. 4 kilos and above could be delivered anywhere in Bombay with 24 hours prior notice, since we make all our fudges fresh using premium ingredients. And of course, satisfaction is guaranteed!

 PT: What are your future plans?

Tozaar: We want to better ourselves each day, since we are a new venture. We ask for people’s reviews to understand people’s palates so that we can deliver exactly what they want. In the future we intend to expand and put ourselves out there in the market. We want to ensure people get value for money when they buy our fudge, and hence have kept the prices affordable. Since we are 100% vegetarian, we can cater to a very large clientele. On the cards is also some lip-smacking Parsi Cuisine!

Azhaan: We are young entrepreneurs and we look for support and well wishes from the community to truly succeed. We are very sure that our product is truly top-of-the-line in terms of quality, and we hope to increase our clientele as we go ahead on this journey.

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