Young and Talented NCPA Students Mesmerize All At A Special Concert By The Special Music Training Programme

On 11th April, 2018, the young and highly talented students of the NCPA, between eight and fourteen years of age, took centerstage along with members of the Symphony Orchestra of India, under the tutelage of internationally renowned Music Director, Marat Bisengaliev, at the Tata Theatre, NCPA. The student orchestra enchanted the audience with a spectacular […]

Of Collectors And Care-Taking

. There is no greater joy than building a collection of music, particularly after you have heard parts somewhere, found it attractive and sought out the best version. Today, we live in the golden age of listening. More music is available in abbreviated formats, like CDs and digitally uploading files from collections and friends who have libraries […]

It’s Wedding Time

Weddings are coming, weddings are coming, Jewelers, caterers, couturiers are coming too, Designer dresses, shoes by Choo Antique sarees, Gold-rich kors, resplendent garas, Chocker sets and old-time vaaras Pagris and daglis fine. It’s time to wine and dine There are songs in the air, There’s joy everywhere ‘cause it’s the wedding time. Come September (Not […]

Western Classical Music

. The preferences for listening to music often springs from your family surroundings, your friends and, most importantly, the initial impressions of concert going that the privileged few are exposed to at a young age. Learning to play the piano was so widespread, particularly in Mumbai and Pune, that familiarity with the music of Chopin, […]