Maleficent Youtube Video Sparks Outrage Within Community

. The last week has our Community outraged as a misleading video went viral across social media platforms disparaging our community. The video (on youtube) claimed that Zoroastrianism promoted marriages amongst siblings! Hosted on a Youtube channel called, ‘Anup Ki Duniya’, the video shows glimpses of our navjote and lagan ceremonies with a male voiceover […]

Metro IIII Update: MMRCL V/s Save Our Atash Behrams Movement

With court hearings taking place on a daily basis, Senior Counsel Navroze Seervai, who represents the petitioners, stated certain Case Laws (judgements on similar cases in the past) that protect the religious rights of minority communities. He raised objections to certain statements in Metro III’s affidavit that undermine the significance that our Holy Fire holds […]

Nagpur Parsis Offer Floral Tribute On Farvardian Parab

The Zoroastrians of Nagpur, observed the Holy Parab of ‘Farokh Fravardin’ (Fravardin Mah, Fravardin Roj) by offering floral tributes to each and every grave at the Parsi Aramgarh, on 4th September, 2018. Initiated by Cyrus Major, on behalf of the Nagpur Parsi Gymkhana, over twenty-five volunteers led by President, Shiraz Doongaji, commenced offering flowers on […]

Bonds That Nurture

Dame Dr. Prof. Meher Master-Moos, President, Zoroastrian College: “As per the ancient Avestan education system, the foundation of good education is ‘Character Development’ to bring out and develop the inner latent potential of the students to help them fulfil and achieve their purpose of life. The Student-Teacher relationship between teacher and students is based on […]

MMRCL V/s ‘Save Our Atash Behnrams’ Movement Update: Bombay High Court Appoints VJTI To Conduct Independent Survey

On Wednesday, 25th August, 2018, Bombay High Court Justices, Oka and Chagla have ordered VJTI to conduct an independent survey of the two heritage Parsi structures, Anjuman and Wadiaji Atash Behrams. The said report shall be produced by VJTI within 10 days. In the meanwhile, the court has upheld the interim relief granted in May, […]