Volunteers Revamp Banaji Atash Behram

The Banaji Atash Behram has been undergoing renovations, thanks to the tireless efforts of a few Zoroastrians who have voluntarily undertaken the painting and polish work of the holy structure. Commencing in September 2017, the group of dedicated Zoroastrians, headed by Homiar Mehta and guided by CEO, WAPIZ, Anahita Desai, have dedicated most of their time during weekends and even weekdays to help out. With areas including the kebla hall, main hall, priests’ room and adarian, duly completed, the group mainly consisting of Noshir Daruwalla, Ardeshir Khushrushahi, Khushroo Bharucha, Firoze Patel, will now proceed to undertake the refurbishing work of the corridors and the verandah.

The volunteers’ group has replaced the broken tiles within the kebla, with the assistance of Panthaky of Banaji Atash Behram, Jehanbux Chittiwalla. “The group is open to all Zoroastrians who wish to serve the Almighty and help in the upkeep of the holy structures. Every weekend we witness at least eight youngsters and senior citizens who come forward to offer a helping hand,” said Homiar, who added that Farhad Julgaonwalla and Tehmtan Julgaonwalla from Jalgaon, and Kayomarz Giara and Jamshed Junglewala from Surat, take the added effort of traveling to Mumbai city every weekend for the noble cause.

This is not the first time that the group has undertaken the renovation work of our holy structure completely on gratis. Earlier, with the help of volunteers – Sohrab Irani, Bomi Mistry, Nozer Sutaria, Jimmy Siganporia, Gev Bhathena, Ardaviraf Karbhari from Surat and Firdosh Zaiwalla from Ahmedabad – the group had executed the renovation work of agiaries in Hubli, Belgam, Mhow, Davier, Udvada, Navsari and Surat, as well as certain agiaries such as Boyce Agiary, Kappawalla Agiary, Langrana Agiary and Dadysett Atash behram in Bombay.

Speaking to Parsi Times, Anahita Desai said, “In today’s day and age where time is the most valuable commodity, it is indeed commendable that this band of volunteers have been devoting so much of their time to this worthy cause of renovating our Atash Behram. To devote all their weekends and evenings in service of our Atash Behrams is worthy of praise. God bless them all.”


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