The True Spirit Of Jamshedi Navroz!

Dear Readers,

It is always endearing to behold the passion with which we display our Parsipanu, especially during our most auspicious days, like Jamshedi Navroze, when many maintain doing ‘sagan’ at our homes, with our own versions of the haft-seen or Navroz table, trying our best to ensure we get in as many of the required ingredients, and prepping for it, weeks in advance. Many others simply visit the homes of our Irani family and friends, who set up these divine tables. While these beautiful and positive rituals truly spark up the positivity of our homes and add to the festive mood, the real spirit celebrating Jamshedi Navroz lies in our hearts – in the form of compassion, humility and goodness.

The next week kicks off with the auspicious festival of colours – Holi, which shares the essence of our very own Jamshedi Navroz, as it represents the arrival of Spring, and the triumph of good over evil. It is said, darkness exists only because of the absence of light, and it vanishes the instant there is light! So too, does negativity and evil exist only in the absence of goodness… and who could be more equipped than us Zoroastrians to dispel the malevolence – being born into the faith which stands on the premise of Good Thoughts, Good Words and Good Deeds!

Here’s looking forward to the new, rejuvenating Spring season and wishing that its advent truly does away with all negatives in the world and in our minds, and substitutes it with goodness, positivity and prosperity for all – in keeping with the true spirit of Jamshedi Navroz!

On behalf of Team PT, I thank all our readers from Mumbai, India and overseas, for the overwhelming, positive feedback on PT’s Jamshedi Navroze Special issue. We are humbled and grateful to you for taking the time to write in words of encouragement and more importantly, your suggestions, which provide us with valuable guidelines for the future. We are unable to print all your heartening mails due to obvious space constraint, but we thank each of you for the kind words and always welcome your feedback, which helps sustain Parsi Times as the Community’s top news weekly!

Have a good weekend! Happy Holi!

– Anahita


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