Sal Mubarak, Parsi Times!

Thirteen years ago, on 30th April, 2011 (Mah Adar, Roj Daepmeher), the community awoke to the first edition of Parsi Times at their doorstep, which soon grew into a keenly awaited accompaniment to their Saturday morning cuppa choi! Kickstarting every weekend with the latest in Parsi news, views, events and entertainment, PT was a hit from the get go… there was something in it for every Zarthosti.

What started out thirteen years ago – with the aim of being the voice of the community and bridging the gap in terms of Parsi news and representation of crucial issues – has today earned the reputation as the community’s favourite weekly, with excellent reach, across Mumbai, India and the globe, thanks to our increasingly popular digital presence as an E-Paper, and on social media.

We thank our lovely readers and steadfast supporters for your patronage, constant encouragement, enthusiastic participation and valuable feedback through this momentous, inspiring and exhilarating journey. We feel incredibly blessed to be the recipient of so much love, warmth and cheer from the community, over the years.

As we step into our auspicious fourteenth orbit, Parsi Times renews its commitment to providing the finest content in terms of the latest, authentic news, as well as features that enrich and entertain. We remain committed, more strongly than ever, to untiringly furthering the cause of our community’s progress and prosperity, by providing a worldwide platform aimed at unifying us all as Zoroastrians – immaterial of our differences or beliefs.

I extend gratitude to all who have been a crucial part in our journey of growth and evolution – our staff who works untiringly to ensure you don’t go a single weekend without your favourite publication; our array of truly gifted and expert writers, whose words adorn and elevate PT’s standing as a quality-content weekly; our advertisers and supporters who help us sustain ourselves… but most of all, we thank you – our dear readers, for PT’s splendid success and popularity.

Your feedback forms the crucial yardstick with which we measure our success and decide upon our direction, as a responsible weekly, so do keep it coming, even as Aapru Parsi Times re-pledges itself as your favourite weekly, that is ‘Of the Community, By the Community, For The Community’. Here’s to Parsi Times on its thirteenth Birthday… and here’s to you!

Have a lovely weekend!


– Anahita

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