Book Reviews: ‘A Gift From Cyrus’ By Omid Kaveh

Canadian resident, Omid Kaveh is an Iranian Zoroastrian who has authored ‘A Gift From Cyrus’, an intriguing novel inspired by true events, which Arya (central character) experienced in his life since he was 12, when the Islamic Revolution started in Iran. The book has also been gaining attention in the US, for its incredible story as well as for its alignment with the ongoing ‘Woman, Life, Freedom’ movement.

Synopsis: There was once an ancient clay tablet that held a single phrase from the Cyrus Cylinder stamped upon it. It was a message from Cyrus the Great, intended to wake his nation up from their centuries-long slumber. A follower of the Zoroastrian religion, Arya was only twelve years old during Iran’s 1979 Revolution. Growing up in a society ruled by the Islamic revolutionaries, he finds himself in a desperate situation that results in a chance to learn from the ancient clay tablet. He survives decades of oppression, social discrimination, injustice, and war before moving to Canada in search of both – the life he’s missed out on and the love of his life – who mysteriously disappeared years ago. Arya is able to survive against all odds because of his true belief in the Zoroastrian ways of good thoughts, good words, and good deeds, and because of his deep roots within Persian history since the time of Cyrus the Great.

‘A Gift From Cyrus’ is a self-published book currently available on numerous online platforms including Amazon, Kindle, Barnes & Noble, Indigo, etc.


In Cyrus time the land was called Persia and even though he was a Zoroastrian he allowed all religions to practice their faith within his nation.
Leaders of today especially in Iran need to practice love and tolerance like the Great King Cyrus the ancestor of many Nations.

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