The Birth Of The “Unconquered Sun (Mithra or Meher Yazata)”?

While many the world over will celebrate Christmas with gifts, Christmas trees and much merriment, few would know that these festivities trace their roots to the ancient Zoroastrian feast of ‘Yalda’, observed annually around 21st December (sometimes 20th or 22nd December) coinciding with the winter solstice in the Northern hemisphere. Yalda, is the longest and […]

GWG Launches Welfare Scheme For Senior Mobeds, Mobed Widows

In keeping with the economic challenges faced by senior (60 years and above) Mobeds (Priests) and widows of Mobeds, the Global Working Group (GWG) – which comprises elected Parsi Irani Zoroastrian Federations, Associations in countries that do not have Federations and some prominent Zoroastrians – has been deliberating means to alleviate their hardships by providing […]

Ardashir-e-Babakan – The Lion Heart Of Ancient Iran
– A Fascinating Tale Of Courage And Conviction –
Part 2

Incident At The Royal Hunt Once, when Artabanus went hunting, Ardashir and the eldest son of Artabanus began chasing an elk in the desert. As Ardashir neared the elk, he shot an arrow with such strength and skill that it pierced right through the animal’s belly and killed it instantly. Artabanus was wonder-struck. On inquiring […]

Let Not My Faith In Thee Be Feeble And Faint, Ahura Mazda – Excerpts From ‘Homage Unto Ahura Mazda’

Faith is belief in the unseen and unknown. The fabric of religion lives by faith. Faith is the foundation of prayer, as belief is the foundation of religion. Faith beholds light in darkness. Faith soars above time and space. Faith knows no bounds. Faith soars unscaled heights and dives into unfathomable depths. Faith does not […]

Ardashir-e-Babakan – The Lion Heart Of Ancient Iran
– A Fascinating Tale Of Courage And Conviction –
Part 1

The Karname-e Ardashir-e Babakan or the Book of the Deeds of Ardashir, son of Babakan, is a legendary Middle Persian tale written during the Sasanian period (226 – 651 A.D.). This book narrates the epic adventures of the man who not only builds a great Persian empire but resurrects the Zoroastrian religion like the proverbial […]

Conventional Religion Loses Its Pristine Purity – Excerpts From ‘Homage Unto Ahura Mazda’

Religion is the way of life that the soul has to live upon earth. It is the ascending effort of man towards perfection. In its pristine purity it is the most effective, cohesive force for mankind. It aims at building a world fellowship of men and women on the spiritual foundation. Religion in its origin, […]