Time to Celebrate Divine Strength And Righteous Power

We are now in the holy month of Shehrevar (Avestan Khshathra vairya), which represents Ahura Mazda’s ‘desirable dominion’ and is the Amesha Spenta or Archangel presiding over metals and minerals. The Zoroastrian religion has influenced the three Semitic religions (Judaism, Christianity and Islam) in many ways and in particular, the concept of the ‘Kingdom of […]

Khordad – Celebrating The Spirit Of Perfection!

Today, 15th October, 2022 (Roj Hormazd, Mah Khordad) and 20th October will be the parab of Khordad (Roj Khordad, Mah Khordad) according to the Shehenshahi Calendar. Khordad is the third month of the Zoroastrian calendar and it brings blessings of purity and perfection. Khordad (Avesta Haurvatat) is not only an Amesha Spenta presiding over the purifying waters, it also embodies […]