A Unique Zoroastrian Insight: ‘Vighnaharta’ And ‘Verethragna’ As Remover Of Obstacles

Lord Ganesha is invoked before commencing anything significant and it is for this reason that he is called the ‘Lord of Beginnings’. He is also known as Vighnaharta or remover of obstacles. The concept of Vighnaharta or remover of obstacles resonates with the Zoroastrian concept of Verethragna or victorious (in overcoming difficulties, foes or enemies). What Vighnaharta Ganesha is to devout Hindus, Verethragna Bahram […]

War Is Mass Insanity

Life is struggle. Thou, Ahura Mazda, has ordained that man shall always fight ignorance, destitution, disease and vice. Man, in his madness, fights man instead. Man is all men’s brother, as woman is all women’s sister. Yet every man is against his fellow-men and a neighbour gnashes his teeth on his neighbour. Man has organized […]