Orthodoxy Courts Puerilities Of Dogmatic Theology, Casuistry And Irrational Formalism

All communities are hydra-headed. They have their orthodox and their reformers, fanatics and sober-minded persons, visionaries and men of commonsense, mystics and rationalists, hypocrites and sincere persons. The orthodox see not the absurdity of remaining in bondage to the customs of the infant humanity, when it was in swaddling clothes. They are wedded to the […]

Shehrevar Parab – Celebrating Divine Strength And Righteous Power

Shehrevar (Avestan Khshathra vairya) is the sixth month of the Zoroastrian calendar and represents Ahura Mazda’s ‘desirable dominion’. It is the Amesha Spenta or Archangel presiding over metals and minerals. Shehrevar’s qualities are strength and power and Shehrevar uses both these qualities righteously to bring peace and Ahura Mazda’s ‘desirable dominion’ in this world. Shehrevar, who is visualized as wearing a battle helmet and wielding […]