Seven Ameshaspentas On The Navrooze Table

Navroze is the first day of the Zoroastrian Fasli calendar, literally meaning ‘New Day’ i.e. the beginning of Spring, the first month – ‘Farvardin’. Persians perform different traditions before and after ‘Norouz’ – such as Spring cleaning (Khane Tekani), Festival of Fire (Chaharshanbe Suri), visiting relatives on Navroze and decorating the special Navroz table or ‘Haftseen’ with seven auspicious articles. […]

Mount Damavand

Since ancient times, mountains have held a place of special reverence in Zoroastrian lore. There is nothing pagan about this belief, because all devout Zoroastrians have been enjoined with a sacred duty to look after, respect and revere all the good creations of Ahura Mazda. In the prayer pertaining to homage unto mountains, we pray: […]