‘Aspandarmad’ Embodies Piety And Devotion

Aspandarmad or Spendarmad is the twelfth and last month of the Zoroastrian calendar. It is dedicated to Spenta Armaity – the divinity presiding over Mother Earth. While the term ‘Spenta’ can be variously translated as ‘increasing, growing, good, holy and benevolent’, the term ‘Armaity’ can also be variously translated to mean ‘devotion, piety and peace’. Spenta Armaity is an Amesha […]

Bahman – the key to Ushta

To Zoroastrians Bahman Mah is what Shravan Maas is to the Hindus. Just as Hindus avoid non-vegetarian food during Shravan Maas, Zoroastrians also do likewise during Bahman Mah. However, while Hindus also observe fasting during the month of Shravan Zoroastrians do not.  Interestingly in the Zoroastrian calendar of three hundred and sixty-five days there is […]

SWA Sets The Tone For Fun ‘n’ Games!

In keeping with the true Bawa spirit of majha-masti, despite the odds of the lockdown, Salsette Parsi Colony (Andheri East, Mumbai) floated the ‘Salsette Welfare Association’ (SWA), under the Salsette Parsi Association (SPA) umbrella, which comprises trustees of the colony. Launched on 15th March, 2021, after much discussions and complete consent of colony residents and […]

The Vispa Humata Prayer

Prayer forms the mainstay of our Mazdayasni Zarathushti religion and reciting the ‘Vispa Humata’ prayer blesses our lives with good health, wisdom, abundance and joy. In the Avestan language, ‘Vispa’ means ‘all’.  The Vispa Humata prayer is composed of simple words of the Avestan language, which help us comprehend it easily. The verbatim English translation […]