Zarathustra Is Thy Mirror, In Whom We See Thee, Ahura Mazda – Excerpts From ‘Homage Unto Ahura Mazda’

Zarathushtra alone of all mortals, sayest Thou Ahura Mazda, first knew Thee as Thou art and heard Thy words and brought the glad tidings of hope to the troubled world. He came with Asha’s Righteousness writ upon his banner and sounded the trumpet and with the clarion call commanded all to don their armour to […]

‘Desolate Hearts, Aweary Of The World, Seek Refuge In Thee, Ahura Mazda’ – Excerpts From Homage Unto Ahura Mazda

Life has its sorrows and its griefs, as it has its joys and pleasures. The moment one tentacle of an octopus is cut off, it grows another. Even so trials and tribulations of one kind or another wear out human hearts. Adversity afflicts some, difficulties depress others and sickness and death distress all. The meek […]

Popular Parsi Myths XII

Over the past year, Parsi Times ran 12-part series on ‘Parsi Parabs’ which was very well received and received great feedback from our readers. This was followed by a 12-part series on ‘Popular Parsi Myths’, which won ever greater appreciation! Parsi Times is thankful to our erudite Zoroastrian Scholar, Noshir H. Dadrawala, whose immense religio-cultural […]