Community Engagement Is Community Empowerment

Dear Readers,

Being born in the Parsi community is a privilege. We’re blessed with a platform that commands respect and admiration… not to forget the unparalleled benefits inherited from our visionary forefathers, known for their legendary industriousness and philanthropy. There are Trusts that cater to all our needs, like they say – from the womb to the tomb – with grants for education and medical expenses; doles, and of course, free/subsidized housing – the most valuable advantage of them all.

However, over time, our gratitude for these benefits has been replaced by a sense of entitlement… while many of us relish our rights as beneficiaries, we unfortunately seem to have forgotten our responsibilities. There’s been a rise in an unhealthy sense of indifference towards community commitment and engagement.

We need to understand that the progress and wellbeing of any community, especially once as small as ours, calls for the wilful investment of time and effort from both – its publics and its leaders. Meaningful and inclusive community engagement is crucial to the wellbeing of our community. We need to cultivate a greater interest in staying informed about the ongoings, causes and needs within the community. More importantly, it’s about enabling and engaging in a community-led conversation – a productive dialogue comprising regular feedback from both ends – our decision-makers and community members. Community engagement is the single-most, strongest factor that facilitates the transformation we desire.

As a tiny community, we need to be that much more invested and engaged in community affairs, to sustain and empower this glorious legacy, so we can hand it over to oncoming generations with as much responsibility and promise, as it was bequeathed to us.

Have a good weekend!

– Anahita




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