Managing Relationship Stress

Every relationship goes through its ups and downs, its twists and turns. Adding stress from work, school, family, money and health can sometimes make the daily bumps in the road feel like a roller-coaster ride. How can you help your relationships – romantic or otherwise – stay healthy and meaningful in today’s high-stress, fast-paced environment? Stress in relationships is a […]


Community Engagement Is Community Empowerment Dear Readers, Being born in the Parsi community is a privilege. We’re blessed with a platform that commands respect and admiration… not to forget the unparalleled benefits inherited from our visionary forefathers, known for their legendary industriousness and philanthropy. There are Trusts that cater to all our needs, like they […]

XYZ’s Jamshed’s Giants Help Ground-Workers ‘Beat The Heat’!

In the scorching summer heat, XYZ’s group – ‘Jamshed’s Giants’ (JG) from Byculla, took to the streets to execute their ‘Beat The Heat’ mission – aimed at showing gratitude to ground-workers, who toil tirelessly under the blazing sun, by giving them refreshing home-made beverages. Much planning went into this activity as volunteers, with the support […]

Nagpur’s Glorious Dar-e-Mehr – A Brief History

Adil J. Govadia  The grand scale and proportion of a majestic edifice remains unmatched in its magnificence and religious stateliness Seth Mancherji Bomanji Panthaky, Seth Faramji R. Desai and Seth Jehangirji Bomanji Mistry were the first known Parsis to have travelled by road to the Nagpur vicinity from Navsari, under extremely dangerous and life-threatening conditions. […]