Coronavirus, Earthquakes And Tsunamis Are Nature’s ‘Tandav’

We know the physical causes that lead to earthquakes and tsunamis, but there are more subtle spiritual issues involved, based on the Karmic principle, that all right actions bring joy, while wrong actions bring grief. When wrong actions reach an extreme, it leads to massive destruction (pralaya) bringing about an en-masse settlement (group-karma) of human […]

Meherbai Returns From Her World Tour!

For Parsi Times readers who’ve been wondering where our Meherbai had disappeared to, from their favourite Parsi-newspaper, the mystery finally unfurls… but in the meanwhile… Abhan Aban thought that Meher aunty had applied too much vanishing cream and vanished! Sagan-No-Gathyo Sorab thought she had become Late i.e. gujri gaya and therefore the ‘Late Meherbai’! Hormusji Homeopath thought the […]