‘Benercise’ Your Way To Fitness With Health Scientist – Benafsha Gazdar

Never has health and fitness been given more priority than in the current day – and with good reason! With questionable lifestyles led by so many, coupled with the fear of life-threatening calamities like the Covid pandemic, personal fitness is the most effective way to staying happy and healthy, with our mental and physical faculties intact!

This was one of the main aims of Health Scientist – Benafsha Gazdar for establishing ‘Benercise’ – a comprehensive and an all-encompassing approach to Health, Wellness, Fitness, and Lifestyle Management.

Equipped with a degree in ‘Health Science – Sports and Exercise Science’, from Western Sydney University, Australia, Benafsha brandishes innumerable other internationally accredited certifications including American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), and Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) from National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA), USA, amongst others.

She commands over 15 years of successful professional experience, having served as the Head Strength and Conditioning Coach for the Indian Women Cricket Team (BCCI) and Mumbai Cricket Association (MCA), in addition to extensive work-experience as a Professional Personal Trainer. This includes working with General Population (Weight loss, Weight gain, General Fitness, etc.); Clinical Population (Obesity, Diabetes, Hypertension, Cardiac Rehabilitation, Osteoporosis, Senior Population, etc.); and Athletic Population (Sports-Specific Training, Musculoskeletal Issues, Injury Prevention and Management, Sports Rehabilitation, etc.).

Her very own fitness brand, ‘Benercise’, located in Tardeo, Mumbai, integrates Customized Workouts, Personalised Nutrition, Rehabilitation, Lifestyle Management, and Psychosomatic factors to provide clients with sustainable tools to help achieve their health, wellness and fitness goals. The benefits of her scientific approach also extends to the prevention and management of major ailments, and helps exponentially in improving the quality and functionality of life.

“Having completed my studies in December 2016, I decided to start my own Wellness Centre where I could use my knowledge to assist people fight various diseases like diabetes, hypertension, heart diseases, osteoporosis, etc., by using exercise as therapy. By the grace of Almighty, and the active encouragement of my parents, I was able to turn my dream into reality. I believe that exercise and small lifestyle modifications go a long way. In fact, exercise, when done correctly and under the right guidance, can have miraculous results!” says Benafsha.

Speaking about her outfit, Benafsha shares, “There are many reasons for establishing Benercise. I was deeply impacted seeing my father undergo a cardiac event, as a schoolgirl. I was alarmed when I saw innumerable people admitted to the hospital for cardiac events! Ever since I wanted to make a difference in people’s life by combining exercise, improving lifestyle, alongside necessary medication.

The idea was always health first. No gimmicks, no fads. Benercise is a revolutionary fitness center that is passionate about fitness and well-being and helps people transform their lives with customised training modules and fitness programs. Exercise is used as therapy for people across all age-groups, suffering from various medical conditions like diabetes, osteoporosis, high blood pressure, heart issues, bone, muscle issues, etc. We also have a good the elderly population and sports people who come to us.”

In addition to being a spacious gym offering various work-out-regimens, Benercise also houses a cosy café, ‘Little Binge Café’, open to all – members and non-members.

Speaking about the top 3 health risk-factors faced by the Parsi community today, Benafsha informs, “Heart diseases top the chart. This is due to an increase in our sedentary lifestyle. Cardiac diseases have been claiming not just people in their 60s and above, but also those in their 30s and 40s! Next is Diabetes, again due to low activity levels and incorrect nutrition, and third is Osteoporosis – due to poor bone health, especially amongst the elderly.”

As the community has a sizeable chunk of seniors, Benafsha suggests for their well-being, “The elderly population should engage in some form of exercise programs that are designed to improve their balance (prevent falls), strength training and flexibility. In my opinion we should have something where in we can have a group of them coming together working out together as that not only helps them physically, but also mentally.”

Born to the family that own the famous ‘Grub Corner’ – known for its delectable Parsi fare, Benafsha’s hobbies include travelling, reading and listening to music. What parting message would she like to share with the community? “Stay active! Add exercise to your daily routine. Eat what you like, but control the portion. Not everything that you see on the internet or hear about exercise is correct. Exercise is super important to good health.”

With Benercise completing 2 years on 2nd February, 2023, you are offered a special discount of 5% and an additional discount of 5% to all the readers of Parsi Times who get a cutting of this article. (Applicable for Quarterly, Half yearly and Annual membership only). For details and information, call: 7208995412 / 7208995414 [Insta: @benercise and @little binge cafe]





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