‘Ammara’ By Kainaaz Mehta

‘PT Push’ is Parsi Times’ endeavour to promote and encourage the spirit of entrepreneurship, dedicated to furthering the cause of all budding entrepreneurs in our community, by sharing their efforts with our readers, to gain your support for their ventures. In this episode, PT Push presents Kainaaz Mehta, Founder and Owner of ‘Ammara’. Uncomfortable with the fact that she didn’t know much about about the products she was using on her skin, Kainaaz delved into the details and resurfaced with her very own unique range of skincare products and soaps, under the brand ‘Ammara’, which she established in January, 2018.



PT: Tell us a little about yourself.

Kainaaz: Born and brought up in Mumbai, I’m an Arts graduate and currently live in Pune. I’ve worked with the Service industry for almost 21 years. Over the last few years, I got increasingly obsessed with the idea of creating something I really cared about. I believe that business has the ability, even the responsibility, to bring about change – small changes – something as simple as using a more ethical soap — can cause real and significant change. The growing success suggests that I am not alone. Nothing brings me more joy than working with my palette of oils, butters and essential oils, and I am happy offering the same to the world.

PT: What is the USP of Ammara?

Kainaaz: Ammara products are free of any artificial substances, all ingredients are chemical-free. Instead I choose natural oils/butters to balance pH levels, along with amazing anti-oxidants to create a 100% natural product, which undoubtedly has greater skin benefits, better hydration and nutrition, assuring smoothness and skin elasticity.

PT: Describe your range of products on offer.

Kainaaz: Ammara offers an array of natural soaps, keeping in mind different skin types. Soaps can also be customised as per customer requirement. The variety includes Goat Milk, Charcoal Green Tea, Wine, Orange Cinnamon, Aloe Vera and many more. As scrubs helps make the skin look more vibrant and youthful and also helps exfoliation of dead skin cells, there’s also Face and Body Scrubs – Anti Ageing and Coffee Almond Scrub. Also on offer is our moisturising cream to boost skin-hydration; and Body Polish to promote regeneration of new cells and nurture radiance and vitality.

PT: What’s planned for the near and distant future?

Kainaaz: Currently it’s in the nascent stage, but I plan to build my brand across India and take it overseas as well. In the near future, I plan to have my products gracing shelves across big stores locally, and growing it further from there.

PT: How do Ammara products benefit users?

Kainaaz: Most of us actively try to minimize toxins from entering our systems by taking care of what we eat, drink or even breathe. However, we don’t realize that toxins can be absorbed through the skin. Hence, it’s important to decide on the right skin care products – especially soaps. Most soaps in the market contain questionable chemicals, dyes and fragrances – that we would be better off avoiding. If you want to minimize the ‘casual toxins’ you and your family are exposed to, consider using natural soaps and products. And that’s what Ammara is all about!

PT: What would you like to tell our readers?

Kainaaz: I earnestly request every reader to go the natural way – please avoid any chemicals in your day to day life. This will yield healthier and happier tomorrows for all of us.

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