From God-Fearing To God-Loving

Dear Readers, “I’m a God-fearing person,” is a common statement most of us proudly proclaim, like we are brandishing some divine reference which instantly abolishes any potential of doubt or mistrust that anyone may hold against us… simply because we fear God! But then, don’t they say, it’s the guilty who are afraid? Now I’m […]

Gone With The Wind!

Dear Readers, The start of the week heralded disaster for Mumbai, as a mighty dust storm colluded with heavy rains, leading to devastation, tragedy and loss. The city was literally taken by storm, with two of the more ghastly incidents, comprising a massive and illegal towering billboard being torn from its moorings and coming crashing […]

The Marvellous Mango!

Dear Readers, One of the very few redeeming aspects about the sweltering summers is the marvellous mango that comes with it! It’s easy to lose those sweaty summer struggles in the magnificent mango magic, as it transports us to paradise via our taste-buds… whether eaten plain or as those irresistible desserts and dishes highlighted in […]

Sal Mubarak, Parsi Times!

Thirteen years ago, on 30th April, 2011 (Mah Adar, Roj Daepmeher), the community awoke to the first edition of Parsi Times at their doorstep, which soon grew into a keenly awaited accompaniment to their Saturday morning cuppa choi! Kickstarting every weekend with the latest in Parsi news, views, events and entertainment, PT was a hit […]


Adar Mahino, Adar Roj Mubarak! Dear Readers, Today – Adar Mahino, Adar Roj – marks one of the most auspicious days of all in the Parsi calendar, being the birth anniversary of our most holy fire, or Atash-nu-Parab. Adar Mahino is looked upon as the most propitious month, signifying the birth-month of the very core […]


Community Engagement Is Community Empowerment Dear Readers, Being born in the Parsi community is a privilege. We’re blessed with a platform that commands respect and admiration… not to forget the unparalleled benefits inherited from our visionary forefathers, known for their legendary industriousness and philanthropy. There are Trusts that cater to all our needs, like they […]


Oh No! Not Again!! Dear Readers, I don’t mean to douse the weekend vibes with a wet blanket, but playing the proverbial ostrich who buries his head in the sand in the face of danger, would be rather foolish. We didn’t need to sound the alarm bells on the rising global spread of the Avian […]


Mercury Rising… And Resurrection Dear Readers, Even as we welcome the Spring season, summer seems to have snuck in alongside, with temperatures already starting to rise all over. Experts attribute this rise in daytime temperatures, especially in Mumbai, to a phenomenon called ‘global brightening’, which results from reduced cloud cover, allowing more sunlight to reach the […]


The True Spirit Of Jamshedi Navroz! Dear Readers, It is always endearing to behold the passion with which we display our Parsipanu, especially during our most auspicious days, like Jamshedi Navroze, when many maintain doing ‘sagan’ at our homes, with our own versions of the haft-seen or Navroz table, trying our best to ensure we […]

જમશેદી નવરોઝ મુબારક!

પ્રિય વાચકો, તમને અમારો બમ્પર પારસી ટાઈમ્સ જમશેદી નવરોઝ સ્પેશિયલ ઈશ્યૂ રજૂ કરતાં અમને ખૂબ જ આનંદ થાય છે, જે તમને સકારાત્મકતાથી ભરપૂર, ઉત્સવના મૂડમાં લાવવાની ખાતરી આપે છે! આપણે કુટુંબ અને પ્રિયજનોની વચ્ચે આપણા શુભ દિવસોની ઉજવણી કરીએ છીએ, ઘણીવાર આપણે જે ફરિયાદો, અફસોસ અને અસંતોષ પર ધ્યાન કેન્દ્રિત કરીએ છીએ તેમાં કૃતજ્ઞતા, આભાર […]