To Joy And Compassion!

Dear Readers,

There’s much excitement in the air, as we prepare to welcome and celebrate the most auspicious Jamshedi Navroz. We start out with planning the cleaning up of our homes (and hopefully our hearts too), new clothes to buy, making guest lists or then accepting invitations for the occasion, making a list of the ingredients needed to set up the Navroz table, and so on.

The anticipation of welcoming the Spring season surely ushers in an added spring in our steps, especially when we look back and remember not too long ago, we were restrained in terms of mobility or meeting up with our loved ones due to the pandemic. There is much to be grateful for indeed, and therefore, there’s an even greater need to take the time and effort to think about our less privileged community members, and share some of that happiness and excitement, with them too. In whatever manner – big or small, that you are able to contribute… of your time or your presence or your resources – there can be no greater joy than being the cause of another’s sigh of relief, or even better, another’s smile.

And of course, ensure to get your hands on our bumper Jamshedi Navroz 2024 Special issue, next week! As always, it will get you in the perfect mood, with our array of brilliant writers and features, promising smiles, laughter, information, reflection and of course, a reinforced sense of gratitude for belonging to this glorious community, known for celebrating occasions twice over (just like our famous ‘Parsi peg’ which is usually twice the size of the ordinary ones!) – based on the English and ‘Roj’ dates. Here’s looking forward to all things joyous and compassionate!

Have a good weekend!

– Anahita

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