Jamshedi Navroz Mubarak!

Dear Readers,

It gives me great joy to present you our bumper Parsi Times Jamshedi Navroz Special Issue, which is sure to get you into that feel-good, festive mood, brimming with positivity!

In addition to the get-togethers, feasting and partying, festive occasions serve as excellent reminders for us all to count our blessings – as we celebrate our auspicious days in the midst of family and loved ones. Even so, often, that much warranted gratitude gets lost in all the complaints, regrets and dissatisfaction that we tend to focus on.

We get so caught up obsessing about the half of the glass that’s empty, that we forget to be grateful about the other half that’s full, we forget to count our blessings. That ‘horrid job’ we keep cribbing about is the dream of the unemployed… that house that we find ‘too small or too messy’ is the dream of the homeless… that family that we are just too busy to spend quality time with, is the dream of those who have lost their loved ones… that smile which shines effortlessly on our face is the dream of the depressed… that slightly (or more than slightly) overweight body that we hate watching in the mirror is the dream of those with physical ailments / disabilities.

Our Navroz-special features hope to kick-start the weekend in the run up to Jamshedi Navroz – right from articles that will reacquaint you with simple truths that matter, be it religion, philosophy, self-care, health and wellness, to guffawing away with our laugh-riot Badshah – Cyrus Broacha’s unique Navroz predictions. And of course, our amazing Contest Winners – our super-talented participants who enthral and entertain us with their fabulous entries.

We hope you will enjoy our Jamshedi Navroz Special issue – do share your feedback so we can continue to improve your weekend-read experience. We extend heartfelt gratitude to our advertisers for the continued support and trust in us; to our fab team of brilliant writers who elevate the quality of our much-admired content, and most of all, to our readers – for your constant engagement, encouragement and guidance, without which Parsi Times could not have made it as the Community’s favorite publication!

On behalf of Team PT, Jamshedi Navroze Mubarak to all! May we all grow together as a community in Unity, in Prosperity, in Happiness and in Positivity!

– Anahita

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