Celebrate Divine Order

Sunday, 17th September, 2023, will be observed as the Parab of Ardibehesht. Ardibehesht – the second month of the Zoroastrian calendar – celebrates Divine Truth, Righteous or Divine Order and Healing. Ardibehesht is an Amshaspand (Archangel) or Amesha Spenta (Bounteous Immortal) that presides over the energy of fire. Adar Yazad is a Hamkara or helper of Ardibehesht. This is why many fire temples were consecrated in this […]

‘Parsi Dhamaka’ Steals The Show At ‘Sanskruti Arts Festival’

Er. Cyrus Dastoor of Frohar Film, recently participated in the ‘Sanskruti Arts Festival’, held near Upvan Lake, Thane, with a variety entertainment program, ‘Parsi Dhamaka’, under the auspicious of Universal Theatres, on 13th January, 2019. The program comprised various facets of Parsi community, including the display of beautiful Gara saris and jhablas, the Navjote ceremony, […]

Session on Dementia / Alzheimer’s Held By WE (WZCC)

World Zarathusti Chamber of Commerce’s ‘Mumbai Chapter’ (WZCC) and its Women Entrepreneurs wing (WE) organised a session on ‘Alzheimer’s – Managing An Ageing Mind For Entrepreneurs and Professionals’ on 19th January, 2019, at the Indian Merchant’s Chamber. Attended by fifty members and guests, the objective of the workshop was to guide people to lead a […]