A Tribute To Late Noshir Tantra – Cricketer Par Excellence!

Mumbai has time and again added to the rich heritage of India’s extraordinary cricketing talent… one such great personality, who was highly respected and appreciated by family, friends, team-mates and the fraternity, was the former cricketer, Late Noshir Tantra. This humble and down-to-earth gentleman, who served the game with distinction, passed away on 18th January, […]

Flying High – A Journey Beyond The Clouds!

On 9th January, 2021, the Women’s Entrepreneur Wing (WE) of WZCC’s (World Zarathushti Chamber of Commerce) Mumbai, Bangalore and Toronto Chapters, presented an excellent and truly inspirational webinar –  ‘Flying High – Journey beyond the Clouds’  – celebrating some of the nation’s leading women pilots and highlighting their inspirational achievements and journeys. The dynamic panel, […]

Meher Pudumjee Enthralls With Her Inspiring ‘Thermax’ Journey In WZCC’s Webinar

In keeping with the excellent webinars being hosted by various WZCC chapters worldwide, last week saw yet another vibrant personality whose career epitomizes the very motto of WZCC itself – ‘Building the Spirit of Entrepreneurship’. The vivacious Meher Pudumjee, Chairperson, Thermax Limited had all the attendees rapt with attention as she spoke on ‘The Inspiring […]

Happy Teacher’s Day!

     Every year on 5th September, students look forward to celebrating the special occasion of ‘Teacher’s Day’ and showing gratitude and heartfelt appreciation for our dear teachers and mentors who mould and shape our lives, and along the way, build a positive relationship that lasts a lifetime. A teacher truly empowers students to think and […]