Bonds That Nurture

It is said that a teacher holds a student’s hand for some time and a student’s heart forever. The bonds that we form with our teachers during our formative years influence our life, our values and to a great extent, our success not just as professionals, but also as individuals. The student – teacher relationship is unique, a bond so beautiful and pure based on trust and respect. A teacher fills so many capacities in the lives of students – a friend, a guide, a parent and a well-wisher. Asst. Editor Delaveen Tarapore speaks to some of our Community’s most-loved teachers to share with you their precious insights into the lovely `Student-Teacher’ relationship.

Dame Dr. Prof. Meher Master-Moos, President, Zoroastrian College:

“As per the ancient Avestan education system, the foundation of good education is ‘Character Development’ to bring out and develop the inner latent potential of the students to help them fulfil and achieve their purpose of life. The Student-Teacher relationship between teacher and students is based on love and understanding on a personal one to one ratio. The character training based on good thoughts, good words and good deeds, is the foundation of this relationship. The student can rely on and be in touch with the teacher any time, not only the days of school and college, but throughout life. I consider this development to be based on ‘Kelavni’, which leads to the teacher to be proud of the student and the student wanting to look up to the teacher throughout life. One of my students, well-known lady educationist, Dr. Chandra Krishnamurthy went on to become the Vice Chancellor of four universities, which is a great achievement, yet, to this day, she always sends a message of appreciation on Guru Purnima and Teacher’s Day!”

Errick Elavia, Principal, Lady Engineer High School:

“Teacher-student relationships, like all human relationships in groups, are reciprocal. These relationships can have a lasting impact on the development of a child. Teachers, who have strong bonds with their students, have been shown to be more effective in their teaching roles. In addition to lower levels of behavioural problems, teachers with strong classroom bonds, are also able to achieve higher levels of academic success among students.”


Zarin Rabadi, Principal, Bai MN Gamadia Girls High School:

“I believe that relationship is multifaceted with inter-dependent roles. Teachers need to veil the role of a mentor, a friend and often even a parent. Likewise, they develop with the students an emotional bond and become their confidante. There are no charted boundaries, hence teachers as well as the principal, have the avenue to consider right from the peripheries to the core, in nurturing the holistic development of the child.”


Kashmira Gandevia, Principal, Maneckji Cooper High School:

“A positive relationship between a teacher and a student is an important aspect of quality teaching and learning.  Learning is not always based on the teacher’s lesson plan, but on aesthetic understanding of relationships, transforming into passion for teaching and learning. On entering a class, a smiling wish would resonate back, multifold.  Building up a special teacher-student relationship, will cross many bridges. Valuing a student with respectful dignity builds a disciplined academic performance. Offering praise liberally and a caring statement for their family, builds a cordial disciplined atmosphere. As quoted by PJ Caposey, “Great teachers focus not on compliance, but on connections and relationships.”


Raty Wadia, Ex- Principal, Queen Mary School:

“This is the jet-setting world of space travel and remote-control. In all professions across the globe more and more people are being replaced by computers. But the one profession in the world, maybe the most important, yet perhaps the most undervalued – where this is not possible is that of the Teacher. No computer or dictating machine, no video or recorded tape could ever replace the Guru – the Teacher because no mechanised gadget could ever switch on the soul – the spirit of the Teacher and no scientific or electronic, invention no matter how sophisticated, could express love for the learner, the Student. It is this interpersonal special relationship that the teacher uses to draw out the very best from her students, not only in terms of talents and skills but also in moulding their characters and personality. The teacher has to set right the upturned scale of values, which can be achieved by influencing the child by caring and making him feel wanted and precious.”


Yasmin Charna, Head Of Boarding Section, Avabai Petit Girls’ High School:

“At the age of nine, I got admitted to Avabai Petit Girls’ High, after the untimely death of my mother. Today, whatever I am is because of my school. My relationship with my boarders is that of love and concern for their well-being. They are inculcated with social, religious and cultural responsibilities from a very young age. I truly believe that the values we leave our children with are more important than the valuables we leave them with.”


Kashmira Bulsara, Principal, Bai B. S. Bengallee Girls’ High School:

“The relationship between the teacher and the student is lifelong. Once the child leaves the warmth of his home, he is under the watchful care of the teacher who makes him comfortable with the fellow students, the classroom and practically with the world. A teacher’s rapport with students results in the students confiding in their teacher, their problems and personal backgrounds. Students are as important to their teachers as the teacher is to her students. A teacher evolves through his/her efforts to provide the very best for their students. The most attentive and eager student presents one type of challenge for their teachers, while the naughtiest and restless poses another type of challenge. Teachers have to take additional care and deal with them with extra patience to ensure that both types of students succeed in life. This helps the teacher to grow professionally as well as evolve as a better human being. In fact, the success of their students are some of the most fulfilling moments for teachers and there are many teachers who remember their students’ names for a life time.”

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