QUIZ: Are You A Die Hard Romantic Or An Emotional Terrorist?

Pick Your Honest, Most-Likely Answer:
1. I prefer that movies have happy endings.
A. That’s Me!
B. That’s Eww!

2. Heartfelt gestures and words mean so much more than action!
A. They do! They so do!!
B. Words are empty. I believe in action!

3. Brutal Truth or White Lies?
A. Prefer White lies than hurting people with brutal truths.
B. White lies are lies. I go with the brutal truth.

4. Do your friends easily confide and/or sob their hearts out to you?
A. Absolutely! I’m their favourite ‘go-to-shoulder’!
B. Nah! My friends are way to cool to sob!

5. When it comes to forging friendships/relationships, you set Standards and Expectations of them:
A. Secondary – as long as we ‘connect’ emotionally
B. Very High – We should be on an equal footing

6. When it comes to finding ‘The One’, you believe:
A. We are destined to go through heart-breaks before meeting the one true love of our life.
B. There’s no One person – there are many!

7. What gift would you pick out for someone close?
A. One that would touch their heart and add to the sentiment of the occasion
B. Something practical that they can use

8. Day-dreaming?
A. Yes! It’s sweet to get lost for a bit in our own world.
B. No way! That’s a waste of time – I’m a doer!

9. Your take on PDA (Public Display of Affection)
A. Utterly romantic! Love it!
B. Unnecessary – that ban is perhaps the only thing our Government got right!

10. The idea of being committed to one person forever is
A. Delightful! Can’t wait to spend my life with the one I love!
B. Ridiculous! How is that possible today with the gazillion options?!

11. When you look up into the clouds, what do you see?
A. Shapes of Puppies and hearts and animals and….
B. What do you mean? They’re clouds!!

12. When you fight with a loved one, you
A. Obsess about it till they approach you to resolve it
B. Focus elsewhere and chill… till they’ve come to their senses

13. When it comes to cheating partners, to you:
A. Emotional infidelity is more unforgiveable (as compared to Physical)
B. Physical infidelity is more unforgiveable, (as compared to Emotional)

14. What’s your perfect vacation?
A. Camping as a couple, huddled next to a bonfire
B. Excitement with friends – adventure sports

15. When you go out for a meal, you’re more inclined to choose the place and cuisine:
A. Of your loved one(s) preference
B. Of your own preference

Your Results: Calculate the total number of ‘A’s and ‘B’s you’ve ticked. If you scored:

Above 12 ‘A’s: As kind-hearted and gentle as you are, there will always be some kind of drama associated with you. Your sense of expectation, especially from the spouse, if gone unchecked, might cause issues in your relationship. Get grounded into reality and practice emotional self-preservation to stop feeling like the martyr that no one really wants you to be!

Above 12 ‘B’s: You’re the original bad-ass, with every potential into becoming an emotional terrorist! You’re the wild one everyone wants to tame, only to end up being sent hurtling back into wherever they came from. You’re staunchly independent and are very protective about your space. You say it as it is and some think you could be a great sadist! But who cares about what they say or the results of this quiz?

Between 5 and 11 (‘A’s & ‘B’s): You seem to be the perfect bet in any relationship – you’re delightfully assertive and know how to put your point across without coming off as rude or understated. You believe and practice moderation and it’s all gonna go great for you… up until you end up with anyone who belongs to the two above categories!!!

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