V. Victoria Shroff Recognized With Kings’ Counsel For Pioneering Work In Animal Law

British Columbia-based V. Victoria Shroff was recognised with King’s Counsel (KC), for her comprehensive contributions to the legal profession as a pioneer in Animal Law in British Columbia (BC) as well as one of Canada’s first animal lawyers. She is likely the first animal law lawyer to receive this appointment as only 7% of practicing BC […]

Dear Readers,   Nothing binds a community more than its youth coming together for the common purpose aimed towards its growth and success. This need for the convergence of youth becomes that much more amplified when the community is as minuscule as ours. This is why Parsi Times is always delighted to proudly celebrate the […]

Zoro Kiwis Shine Bright At Indian Newslink Awards

 PT is delighted to report that the Zoroastrian community of New Zealand shone brightly at ‘The Ninth Annual Sports, Community, Arts & Culture Awards 2023’ – which identifies, recognises and honours prominent members of the Indian and South Asian communities, across various fields for their outstanding contributions, talents and achievements. Hosted by New Zealand’s oldest […]

XYZ Holds Sizzling Summer Camp 2023

 XYZ (Xtremely Young Zoroastrians), the community’s leading non-profit organisation which aims at the all-round, social and cultural development of the community’s tots and teens, held its fun-filled, week-long Summer Camp 2023, from 21st – 27th May, 2023. The camp offered all participants a wide range of activities including indoor and outdoor experiences, which helped boost […]


Dear Readers,   Parsi Times is delighted to present our yearly ‘PARSI PRIDE BRIGADE’ series each week, where we heartily congratulate and take pride in sharing the academic successes of our community’s bright-sparks – the next gen! This year too, we are overjoyed to commend the hard work and efforts put in, by not just […]

સમુદાય, બીપીપી. શાસનનો ‘અવિચારી બહુમતી’ ના નિયમ હેઠળ ભોગ

‘અન્યાયી અને મૂર્ખ બહુમતી સિવાય બીજું કંઇ ખરાબ નથી’ – ‘મોહનદાસ કરમચંદ ગાંધી’ નામના બે કૃત્યના નાટકનાં લેખક મહેત મુરત ઇલદાન લગભગ બે અઢી મહિના પહેલાં જ બીપીપીના ટ્રસ્ટી કેરસી રાંદેરિયાએ તેમના તમામ સહયોગી ટ્રસ્ટીઓને ઝરીર ભાથેનાના દુર્ભાગ્યપૂર્ણ અને અકાળ અવસાનને કારણે ખાલી પડેલી જગ્યા ભરવા માટે વિચારણા કરવા અને યોજના ઘડવા વિનંતી કરી હતી. […]

Dr. Cyrus Poonawalla Republishes ‘Mazda – Yasna’ For Community Youth

The popular and much needed prayer book, ‘MAZDA – YASNA’, the little prayer book which comprises some of the fundamental, daily prayers in Roman script with English translation, has been re-published by Dr. Cyrus Poonawalla, in loving memory of his dear wife, Late Villoo Cyrus Poonawalla, for FREE distribution within the Zoroastrian community.  This will be of tremendous importance to those in our Community who […]