In Search Of Sanjeevani!

Many patients ask me how they could get more energy for their daily activities. Being a holistic physical therapist, I explain the significance of emotional and mental health adequacy, sleep, scheduling, exercise and nutrition. While many of these interventions help significantly, some patients with autoimmune disorders often still struggle with energy and fatigue. Then there […]

Frozen Shoulder

One day you’re fine, and the next, you’re struck by excruciating shoulder pain – the kind that takes your breath away. Then comes the first of many sleepless nights. Welcome to the mysterious and miserable world of ‘frozen shoulder’. Clinically termed as ‘adhesive capsulitis’, frozen shoulder can literally develop overnight. The lining (capsule) of the […]

Physiotherapy: Myth V/s Fact

“Physiotherapists only see people in pain…. Physiotherapy requires a doctor’s note…. Physiotherapists only treat athletes…” If you’ve had these thoughts, you’re not alone. Misconceptions about physiotherapy inhibit many from seeking help even when needed! Physiotherapy is an essential part in most fields of healthcare. A physiotherapist plays a huge role in your well-being and health, […]

Fitness Mubarak!

The best type of exercise for beginners is the one you will actually get down to doing and not push for that elusive ‘tomorrow’ that just doesn’t come!  Truth is, it doesn’t matter whether you’ve never exercised before, are a newbie to home workouts, were a keen gym workout aficionado before the years of never-ending lock-downs or if you’re […]