Healing With Compassion

For all the talk about patient-centered care and a new health-care paradigm – which is most certainly the right way forward, the clinician-patient relationship has always remained relatively one-sided because of the nature of the profession itself. Essentially, patients come to clinicians for help, and the knowledge transfer, advice and guidance most often flows in […]

Women’s Health Physiotherapy

Women-specific health problems become synonymous with being a woman, but you no longer need to suffer in silence. Instead, take a step forward towards preventing and eliminating these women-specific health concerns. One such step is seeking physiotherapy for preventive or corrective measures. What better occasion than Women’s Day to understand the role of physiotherapy in […]

Energy Medicine

When people think ‘energy medicine’, they recall luxuries of the wellness world – practices including acupressure, chakra balancing, oriental healings, qigong or sound baths – that focus on healing the human ‘energy body’. Western and ancient medicines, like Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Persian Traditional Medicine (PTM), Ayurveda and yogic therapies, have revolved around a radically […]

Lower Cross Syndrome

Like the Upper Cross Syndrome (discussed in the previous article), the Lower Cross Syndrome (LCS) is one of the most common compensatory patterns and a postural disorder in the lower back, pelvis, and hip joints of the muscles. The ‘Unterkreuz syndrome’ is also known as pelvic crossed syndrome, Lower Crossed Syndrome or Distal Crossed Syndrome. […]