Great News For Community As A’bad Matri-Meet Results In Five Marriages!

Parsi Times is delighted to share that the Parsi Zoroastrian matrimonial meet organized in Ahmedabad last year in October, has borne fruit and great tidings for our community, with at least five couples deciding to tie the knot! Covered in detail by PT, the Matri-Meet, organized by Dhanjishaw and Manijeh Gamir Charitable Trust, with support from PYLA (Parsi Youth League of Ahmedabad) and Jiyo Parsi, recorded 138 registrations from 98 men and 40 women, and an actual turnout of 111 participants – 82 men and 29 women – across the 27th and 28th of October, 2018.
The Parsi Community, which has been struggling for some time with the crisis of a dwindling population, was thrilled to note the success of the meet, when it was published in the Ahmedabad Mirror, last week. Aspy Bharucha, representing the Dhanjishaw and Manijeh Gamir Charitable Trust, further shared with Parsi Times, that of the participants, 25 were from Ahmedabad (19 men and 6 women) and the remaining 86 (63 men and 23 women) were from 19 other cities across India, with the majority coming in from A’bad, Surat and Mumbai.
The resultant five lovely couples, who plan to marry soon include Aftab Manager (A’bad) – a banker who got engaged in July to Shehzin Sarkari (Mumbai) – a manager in a corporation; Sharoukh Banaji – analyst in a private company and Kaizeen Sutaria, both from A’bad; Burzin Suratia – banker from Navsari and Delrine Fitter – software engineer from Chennai, would be getting engaged this November; banker Meherzad Suratia from Navsari and Dr. Dilshad Chiniwala, a dentist from Surat; and the latest confirmation came in from Jehangir Mehta (Dahanu) and Jerish Dumlawala (A’bad).
Speaknig to Parsi Times, Aspy Bharucha said, “We are very happy with the numbers and hoping that the count increases. As many more of our marriageable community members are eagerly awaiting their own union, we are happy to share that the Trust may arrange such an event next year, in 2020, at an appropriate time,”
President of PYLA, Cyrus Daruwalla, said, “We want participants to mix within the community and find partners at the meet. With this congregation, we intend to arrest the falling population of our community.”
Convener of the matrimonial meet, Kety Daruwala, said, “Marriages within the community will maintain the identity of Parsis. The purpose of the meet has been served. Many in the community remain unmarried because they do not find life partners. So, we are happy to hear that the couples are united and take the Parsi population forward.”
(Inputs: A’bad Mirror)

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