XYZ Celebrates Two Xtremely Wonderful Years!

XYZ (Xtremely Young Zoroastrians) celebrated its second Annual Day on 18th December, 2016, at KC College Auditorium, Mumbai. Host for the event and Founder, Hoshaang Gotla welcomed everyone to the annual awards function, as ‘Cyrus’ Superstars’ kicked off the event with XYZ’s brand new song ‘It’s XYZ’. The all girls’ group of ‘Ketayun’s Conquerors’ from Avabai Petit Girls’ High School wowed all with their brilliant gymnastic skills and swept the ‘XYZ Athletic Meet Shield’. ‘Cyrus’ Superstars’ won the XYZ Cook Off, while ‘Tehmurasp’s Titans’ won the ‘Sing Along with XYZ’ competition.

Udvada’s Vada Dasturji, Khurshed Dastoor and Navroz Siganporia, Advisory Council Members of XYZ gave away awards to the Best Member from every group. Dr. Keiki Mehta and Dr. Zenobia Mehta, patron members of XYZ, presented the XYZ ACE Award 2016 for Achieving Continuous Excellence to the Founder of Theobroma, Kainaz Messman, while 10 year old Pearl Amalsadiwala was awarded the XYZ Xceptional Zoroastrian Award 2016 for her outstanding achievement in Table Tennis by PT Editor Anahita Subedar. The second half of the event included short skits and dances by ‘Jamshed’s Giants’, ‘Homai’s Heroes’, ‘Daraius’ Daredevils’, ‘Rustom’s Rockstars’ and ‘Tehmurasp’s Titans’ among others, which made the XYZ groups reminiscence the events, games and fun activities conducted through these years.

Following an overview of all the initiatives conducted by XYZ till date, the top awards of the organisation were presented by XYZ Advisory Council member Burjor Antia. The members of the Executive Committee, also known as the ‘Artaxerxes’ Army’, were felicitated for the hard work invested. Hoshaang Gotla announced that this year XYZ will be celebrating Christmas with various old age homes and orphanages by distributing gifts to children at BJ Orphanage, and to family members who sleep outside the Tata Memorial Cancer Hospital. Carol singing and celebrations at the Parekh Dharamshala along with a special Christmas party on Sunday at Ahura Support would be in order to celebrate their new home at Masina Hospital.

The new addition in the XYZ family this year is ‘Noshirwan’s Knights’ from Dahanu, Thane and Vikhroli with 30 members. Finally, names of the new office bearers of 2017 were announced and the swearing-in ceremony was conferred by Vada Dasturji Khurshed Dastoor. The event attended by 620 people ended with everyone singing Chaiye Hame Zarthoshti and the National Anthem.

Speaking with PT, Hoshaang Gotla said “It’s been an awesome experience and I feel truly lucky to be in a position to work with 600 children and so many more parents and volunteers throughout the year. I’m humbled and grateful for support that we are getting from our community members and the appreciation. It’s all a complete team effort of the family members of XYZ. We have and will always believe that every member is MAD (Making a Difference)”.

Vada Dastur Khurshed Dastoor and Navroz Siganporia presented ‘Best Member’ awards to winners Bezaan Shroff, Farah Billimoria, Ukshaan Dumasia, Kaiyan Dotivala, Hufriya Daruvala, Parzaan Badhniwalla, Zinta Avari and Jeraz Mody.

Next were Group Awards handed out by Burjor Antia for Outstanding Activities in Religion and Zoroastrian Culture to Behram’s Battalion; Outstanding Social Service Activities to Rustom’s Rockstars; Maximum Membership to Ketayun’s Conquerors; followed by Diana Marfatia giving away the awards for Outstanding Administration to Tehmurasp’s Titans and Excellence in Innovation to Behram’s Battalion; and finally Dara Hansotia handing out Best President of the Year to Friya Elavia from Rustom’s Rockstars; and Best Group of the Year to Ketayun’s Conquerors.

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