A Well Fitted Shirt

As men’s fashion and styling comes into its own in India, a lot of our young and senior men seem to be going shoulder to shoulder with this erstwhile woman-dominated territory. ‘Chic ‘ is now a gender-neutral word, with an increasing number of men taking to self-care, self-preening and fashion consciousness. Style Guru for men, Kaizad Wadia takes on this cause and provides pointers on one of the aspects that makes a man look smart and dashing – a well-fitted shirt.

Shoulders: A shirt with the shoulder seams neatly resting on the shoulder is a rare sight. Without a doubt, shoulders are the trickiest body part to measure as it’s hard to gauge the point where your shoulder ends and where your upper arm begins. This is especially true for those with sloping shoulders/athletic physiques.  It’s no surprise that 9 out of 10 shirts you possess will have their shoulder seams too tight or too big.

A trick to measure your shoulder is to run your finger from the break of your armpit straight up to your shoulder. Add half an inch to the point where your finger comes to rest on your shoulder –  that’s the right shoulder measure.

Mid-Section/Torso: The chest and waist – Your daily office wear shirt doesn’t need to balloon out under your armpits all the way to the point of your trouser –  it’s far too much fabric than required for a comfort fit.

Indicator: Too much fabric is when you can hold a fist full of fabric from each side of your waist. A well fitted shirt should have about 2 inches of fabric when you pinch the fabric.

Arm: Loose fitted arms are often a sign when your shoulder seam does not sit properly on your shoulder. Excess fabric on your arms gives out shady appearances.

Collar: The collar section has many styles which you can opt for. Choosing the best collar is important because collars frame your face! The style of your collar is as important as the fit of your collar. When buttoned, you should be able to run your index finger between your collar and the front of your neck.

Full Sleeve’s Proper Length: Gentle gathers above your shirt cuff when buttoned, is required, as it provides that extra cover when you bend or reach out your hand.

The easiest way to know just how much is appropriate, is by letting your sleeves fall freely when unbuttoned. The optimal point is when your sleeves cuff comes to rest as your thumb knuckle begins. Also when cuffed/buttoned, the cuff of your sleeves should rest at the beginning of your palm.

Ideally this is how a shirt should fit.

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