Your Monthly Numero-Tarot Predictions

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January (1 to 31)
A happy month ahead – enjoy the rainbow of happiness, love and laughter. Students will do well. Emotional support is available. You’ll experience success in all areas of life – health, wealth, mental peace and emotional satisfaction. (Lucky Number: 1)

February (1 to 29)
Follow your intuition. It’s time to open up, come out of your grief and accept new emotional support. Enjoy what you are blessed with rather than cribbing for what you don’t have. Take care of your health. (Lucky Number: 4)

March (1 to 31)
Finances will stabilise and situations will automatically balance themselves. Charity is advised. Celebrate your victory and don’t get frustrated. Fight for what’s right, even if you are alone. (Lucky Number: 5)

April (1 to 30)
Work hard to succeed. Health looks good. Advised to bathe with rock salt. Change is imminent so move on and focus on your work. Use your skills to manage finances. (Lucky Number: 10)

May (1 to 31)
Some juggling is required to balance a situation. But don’t worry and confuse yourself – you will have multiple options so choose wisely. Travel is indicated. Health will be great. (Lucky Number: 6)

June (1 to 30)
Legal matters will get sorted. Justice is on the cards. Sound sleep is a must for you to stay healthy. Clear your confusion and avoid sleepless nights. You are advised to wear pearl. Best time to start a new partnership. (Lucky Number: 11)

July (1 to 31)
This is a temporary karmic phase – you reap what you sow. Come out of your illusions, as everything that glitters is not gold. Make decisions only after checking minute details. Students could travel abroad for further studies. You are advised to keep black trimuline. (Lucky Number: 21)

August (1 to 31)
Be aware of back stabbers. You’re intelligent. You know the destination but are in search of the right path. This is the right time to start a new venture. Enough with planning, now focus on implementing your ideas. Keep an ‘evil eye’ to ward of nazar dosh. (Lucky Number: 19)

September (1 to 30)
You will have financial support. Stop worrying too much. Best time especially for the ladies born in September. Time for name, fame and prosperity. This is a creative and favourable time for artists. (Lucky Number: 3)

October (1 to 31)
Your spiritual healing has started. You will have to work hard, as half your efforts might go in vain. Clear your confusions. Learn from your experiences and take expert advice. This is the learning and teaching phase of your life. (Lucky Number: 17)

November (1 to 30)
Confidence is your strength. This could be a temporary phase of non-liquidity in finances. Don’t ignore your back pain and consult the physician. Distinguish between who is a friend and who is the enemy. (Lucky Number: 8)

December (1 to 31)
It’s time to move on in life. You are blessed by the Divine Mother. Your work will be recognised and you might win an award. Good time to buy or renovate property. You will spend quality time with people you adore. (Lucky Number: 2)

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