The ‘Paw’er Of Love!

Valentine’s Day isn’t just for lovers, it’s for expressing to all your nearest and dearest how much you care – and that includes our four-footed best friends. While there are many ways of showing your dog how much you love him, many pet owners don’t realize the perils of traditional Valentine’s Day gifts. So here is small guide on celebrating the day without causing unintentional harm to your loving pooches:


Chocolate Is Toxic For Dogs because it contains theobromine and caffeine, stimulants which can be hazardous and/or fatal to pets. According to the ASPCA, chocolate toxicity is one of the most common cause of poisoning. Keep chocolates away from your dogs.

  • Jewellery: Sparkling gems are appealing to our four legged friends, too. Fido or Kitty’s instincts may tempt them to taste the jewellery, causing stomach ailments and possible breathing difficulties. Keep your jewellery safely away from reach.
  • Flowers: Some flowers/plants are dangerous if ingested by pets, including buttercups, calla lilies and tulips. The packaged plant food that accompanies some floral arrangements can lead to stomach problems as well.
  • Other Dangers: A romantic candlelit dinner can turn into a fiery disaster by a pounce on the table from a curious cat. And scented cards and love letters spell danger if ingested.



Puppy Love!

Pet experts recommend keeping pets content and out of trouble by gifting them appropriate presents from pet shops or buy online from pet websites, which are replete with safe, healthy and highly enjoyable gifts for dogs. Avoid human gifts.

A Day At The Spa!

Some dogs thoroughly enjoy the pampering they get at the doggy spa, if your dog is one of them, how about treating her to a day at the spa where she can be massaged and pampered? Do keep in mind that some dogs detest being bathed or the diggy perfumes and this may not be a gift ideal for such dogs.

You Ain’t Nothing Like A Hound Dog!

Put on some music and jive with your Elvis Pawsley! A great CD for some doggy rock is ‘’Songs for dogs (and the people who love them’. It’s accompanied with a fully illustrated lyric book and includes songs such as: The ‘No’ Song by The Puppy Parents; I Stole The Christmas Pie by Wheels; Follow The Bone Lady by The Bone Lady and, If I Only Had A Thumb – by Queen Maxine and the Mutts. So, listen to music, watch TV with your dog curled up by your feet or read a book with your dog on your lap. Dogs enjoy quiet time with us as much as we do.

Take A Hike!

There’s plenty of hiking places that allow dogs. Walking through quiet woods, green meadows and wading in sparkling streams now that’s a dream day for your dog!
Happy Valentine’s Day!

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