Who Is A Parsi?

One is often confronted with the question – Who is a Parsi, and how and where was this term coined? What is one of the oldest references to this term? What is the legal definition of Parsi in India? Does Parsi include an Irani Zoroastrian? In this article, we answer some of these questions, mainly […]

The Feast of Tirangan (Mah Tir, Roj Tir) Celebrates Reign of Peace and Rain of Prosperity!

. Tir, or Testar (Avestan Tishtrya), is the divinity presiding over the Star Sirius (Greek Seirios which means glowing or scorching) or the Dog Star which is the brightest star visible from all parts of the earth in the night sky. Sirius is colloquially called the ‘Dog Star’, on account of its prominence in the constellation […]