PT Quiz

Are You A Dog Person or A Cat Person? Find out by taking this fun and easy quiz…

  1. Do you enjoy staying outdoors? (Y / N)
  2. Would you feel uncomfortable/avoid keeping a litter box inside your home? (Y / N)
  3. Do you like going for walks? (Y / N)
  4. Are you non-judgmental and unassuming by nature? (Y / N)
  5. Would you like to personally groom your pet as opposed to them cleaning themselves? (Y / N)
  6. Do you enjoy cuddling with pets? (Y / N)
  7. Is ‘loyalty’ amongst your top three character traits? (Y / N)
  8. Are you looking for a fun activity partner? (Y / N)
  9. Are you more cluttered than organized? (Y / N)
  10. Does panting sound better than purring to you? (Y / N)
  11. Do you have a large circle of friends? (Y / N)
  12. Are you more attracted to/gravitate towards extroverts rather than introverts? (Y / N)
  13. Do you like coming home to an excited pet who jumps all over you in happiness just at the sight of you? (Y / N)
  14. Are you alright with hair shedding occasionally over your clothes and furniture? (Y / N)
  15. Do you trust people easily? (Y / N)
  16. Do you find it easy waking up in the mornings? (Y / N)
  17. Are you a team-player? (Y / N)
  18. Are you forgiving in nature? (Y / N)
  19. Are you easily pleased with the little things in life? (Y / N)
  20. Does apologizing for a mistake come easy to you? (Y / N)

Your Scores Based on the number of ‘Yes’ answers:
01-07: You are definitely a Cat Person! You are graceful, subtle, independent, intelligent, thoughtful and mysterious.
08–12: You’re on the fence! You could be either! You are flexible, tolerant, non-confrontationist, friendly and practical.
13–20: You are definitely a Dog Person! You are loyal, direct, kind, faithful, utilitarian, helpful and a team leader.


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