Clarification By Burges H. Wania

I recently lost my dad, Hoshang N Wania, who was a well-known chartered accountant and trustee of a number of religious and charitable institutions. Just a few days after his demise, even as my family and I were still grieving and coming to terms with our loss, some insensitive persons, without verifying facts, unleased a smear campaign, which has caused us deep pain and anguish.

The message which went viral on WhatsApp stated that my dear dad, Hoshang N Wania, expired due to Covid and his mortal remains were consigned to the dokhma at Doongerwadi, based on a false death certificate which stated cause of death as “organ failure”.

This viral message was without any name or contact details but we have traced the author who happens to be a lady claiming to be a so-called religious person and another individual known for making irrational and irresponsible statements. So far, we have not even received as much as an apology from either perpetrator of this act of insensitivity.

My dear father expired at the reputed Parsi General Hospital and he was under the care of senior doctors with an unblemished record of professional medical services. To even think that these senior doctors or this reputable hospital would issue a fake certificate at a critical time like this, is unthinkable.

My family and I are deeply religious and I hereby affirm on oath that at the time of his death, my father, Late Hoshang N Wania was Covid negative. Throughout his life, my father was known as a man of integrity and we, his family members, have followed in his foot-steps. We would never even think of such acts, let alone do something that is wrong or harmful to anyone.

The author of this write up and all those who have thoughtlessly and mindlessly circulated this false message should hang their heads in shame. The fundamental tenet of our Zoroastrian faith is truth and it is sad to see fellow Parsi Zoroastrians propagating and perpetuating lies of this nature.

We have been deeply hurt and it is unfortunate that certain members of our community have neither let the soul of my dear departed father rest in peace nor shown the decency to let my family grieve in peace.

 – Burges Hoshang Wania (Son of Late Hoshang N Wania)

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