The Prophet Of Ashoi

When one thinks of a religion, any religion, the uppermost question in one’s mind is, “Who was its founder and from where did it come? What was His message?” If you gaze up into the sky at night, you’ll see that there are other planets besides ours and since ours is inhabited, there’s no reason […]

Fasli Khordad Saal Celebrations In Mumbai

Sazeman-E-Jawanan-E-Zartoshty-E-Irani celebrated the ‘Fasli’ birth anniversary of Zarathushtra on 26th March, 2017, (Farvardin Mah, Khordad Roz, according to the Fasli calendar), at Fasli Atash-Kadeh, New Marine Lines, Mumbai. An initiative to revive the ancient traditions of Iran, the celebrations began with a Jasan, followed by an illuminating lecture by Chief Guest, Er. Dr. Parvez Bajan. […]