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Dear Readers,

Anahita 27 august 2016Most of us know we are made for greater things – we could be way bigger and better than where we are at now. Yet something keeps us back from reaching higher, something we’re aware of within ourselves, but can’t seem to put our finger on. And when we share this with our close friends and family, who are willing to show us the mirror, they say, “The only thing that’s stopping you is you.” As a counselor, I can tell you that is absolutely true – when the mind is made up, save a few temporary hiccups along the way, nothing can get in the way of achievement.

But the mind that needs to be made up, constantly gives in to regressive/destructive habits, traits, patterns and beliefs that we have imbibed and live with, most times subconsciously. Simply put, to start your journey towards higher achievements, you need to stop yourself from indulging in a few habits that keep you back from your success.

The first of these top three toxic habits, that we need to stop, is the ‘need to please everyone’, the obsessive need to be in everyone’s good books, which could lead to the compulsive habit of putting yourself down and negating your preferences. This doesn’t make you a martyr – it simply gets you frustrated. Secondly, we need to stop ‘living in the past’ – it’s like driving your car ahead while looking into the rearview mirror! It makes us fear change… but remember, only change can lead to growth! And thirdly, (a trait most women are accused of, compared to men) we need to stop ‘overthinking’ – or analysis-paralysis in shrink-speak. Thinking or constantly worrying about the same old thing gets you nothing, except greater anxiety and paranoia. And there’s only so long you can pass it off as ‘concern’ with your cheesed-off family/friends!

Giving up on these old habits are easier said than done, but the solution starts with identifying the problem. And if you have, try consciously putting a stop to these habits – they’re caustic to your growth and your relationships. Unlearning these helps nurture real self-confidence, grit and self-belief, and achieve those greater things, just like our Indian champs – Sindhu, Sakshi, Dipa and Jitu Rai – who have done us very proud at the Rio Olympics! Hearty congratulations to them!

I would like to share a quick reminder to all our readers – especially the youth – to book yourselves for the ‘Dubai Pravasi Yatra’ by the World Zoroastrian Congress – a fabulous opportunity to travel to Dubai for both – pleasure and business – as it offers comprehensive sightseeing as well as global networking opportunities with Zoroastrians from the world over. Available at exceptionally reduced prices including travel, stay and food, it will be held during the first week of October.

Have a fab and fun weekend, all!


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