Things To Do To Activate Your Brain

A well-known saying goes, ‘If you don’t use it, you will lose it!’ Exercising the brain is very important. We usually neglect ‘mental alertness’ – which helps keep our brain active and dynamic. One has to be active and alert, not just during learning/studying, but at all times. The brain doesn’t decay with age but with lack of being kept active. You can do this by regularly indulging in activities that increase your memory, improve your analysing skills and boost your creativity.

education-copySix Vital Ways To Activate Your Brain:
1) Reading – Whether a novel or a newspaper or any literature – helps you exercise your cognitive skills and increases your vocabulary.
2) Learning A Foreign Language keeps your brain flexible and your mind sharp, helping to reduce the slowing-down of thought processes, that comes with age.
3) Practicing Yoga ensures that you to focus on controlling all your muscles, especially your breathing.
4) Learning A Musical Instrument stimulates your creativity. Pull out your old guitar, sign up for piano lessons or rent a trumpet! Playing an instrument requires powers of recall as well as concentration to maintain the tempo.
5) Solving Crosswords / Number Puzzles / Word Puzzles improves your cognitive skills, creative thinking, word power and vocabulary!
6) Thorough Observation plays a key role in developing a photographic memory. Take 5- 10 minutes off to minutely observe your surroundings. Remember the details with your eyes closed, and for authentic results, record yourself to know your retentive capacity.

For eg., You are given the numbers: 9, 4, 10 and 8. Use the four operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division to arrive at ‘42’. Try various possibilities till you get it. (The answer is (9-4) X 10-8= 42). Here’s another one – If the hour hand on a clock moves 1/60 of a degree every minute; how many degrees will the hour hand move in 1 hour. Think about it properly with attention and the answer that comes in your mind is one degree. Practice such brain teasers as they ensure your brain remains activated and you remain confident and happy with regards to your memory.

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