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‘8/11/2016’ is a day etched in the mind of every Indian, thanks to the demonetization move that hit unexpectedly! However, this move brought in yet another change, termed ‘cashless economy’. Increasing usage of credit and debit cards, ATM pin code, email accounts and other cashless service make it essential yet difficult to remember passwords. Never keep the same password for all your email accounts, social media and financial transactions. Some people do that as a short-cut and ironically at times seem to forget that one common password! Writing down the passwords in a diary is always an option but at times you over-rely on the written stuff and lazily avoid learning the passwords. Here are some easy ways to memorize and secure your

  • Associate the password. For eg., if the password is ‘penj12d’, visualise you are buying a ‘pen’ from ‘j’ paying him ‘12 dollars’.
  • ‘Rony’s son is 8 and fat, eats junk’; Really? No, take the first letter of each word from a sentence and you have a unique password like ‘rsi8afej’! Repeat the sentence many times to recollect it always.
  • If you are a Math lover, involve some number in the password but avoid easy give-aways like your current age or your vehicle or house number.
  • Change your password once in a while to get a new association and attune your mind to learning and grasping new things fast. Avoid changing more than one password at a time.
  • Avoid making the password an easy one like a popular name or title of a movie as we know the dangers of hacking.

At times, when it seems impossible to recollect a password even after several attempts. Try these tips which help during such

  1. Think of your other passwords and the key link you use for them. It might lead you to remember your needed password.
  2. Recollect your life at the time you made the password. In a lot of cases, people find inspiration for their passwords from their life and surroundings.

Remember that stressing yourself out trying to remember passwords has a reverse effect making recall even more difficult. The brain has a much harder time retrieving information under pressure, so ensure to relax and breathe and try remembering in a calm state of mind.

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