From The Editor’s Desk

From The Editor's Desk

Dear Readers,

Welcome to 2018! A New Year brings with it a sense of immense hope, symbolising ‘new beginnings’ and a ‘clean slate’ for us to sketch a more rhythmic poetry of our lives. It’s nearly like the universe gives us that encouraging pat on the back saying, “go forth, ye warrior, try again”, and off we march into its new orbit, hopefully committed to becoming better versions of ourselves. As the future is unknown and we often get off-track and lose sight of our goals, a little nudge to keep us on the right path is always welcome. Here are a few gems that serve as a ‘SPS’ or Self Positioning Systems to ensure that when you step into December 2018, you look back with a sense of accomplishment and renewed purpose!

Be mindful about your habits because habits determine attitude, personality and success. Do you practice happiness or are you always complaining and dissatisfied? Focus on the half of the glass that’s full and watch the empty half fill up on its own!

Open those closed doors inside. The answers to all your questions and confusions lie within you. Take the time to reconnect with yourself and the universe. Explore and redefine your sense of peace, love and purpose. The questions in your prayers will be answered by the universe in your meditation.

When faced with challenges, be solution-oriented. Don’t waste too much time on the ‘why’ and ‘how’ – focus on the way forward, ensuring least disharmony/pain to all concerned.

Let there be Less Social Media and More Social Service! Less there be Less Emoticons and More Emotions! Don’t let your real universe get sucked into the world of virtual reality. Go out into the real world, meet real people, play real sport!

Be responsible when forwarding messages on Social Media. Respect others’ privacy and verify before blindly forwarding messages. Don’t become the unintentional messenger of gossip and disharmony!

Detox your body and more importantly, your mind. Work out negative feelings within yourself, and do away with negative people who neither add to your life, nor are willing to grow with you.

Practice ‘self-love’ as opposed to ‘indulgence’. The former leads to self-enhancement and course-correction, the latter simply pampers your mood.

Learn at least one new thing this year – be it a sport, a language, a skill, a new attitude, or travel to a new place.

De-clutter! Get rid of surplus you don’t need or use. The rule is if you haven’t used it in five years, you don’t really need it. Stagnation births negative energy, affecting your well-being on all fronts including health, finance and mental peace.

Live Sensibly Healthy – there’s a million diets out there – none are custom made for you because your body is unique. The effectiveness of diets, exercise and medication depends on your unique genomes, your stress levels and consequently, your immune system. Choose a healthy lifestyle instead of a fad-diet – that’s the real game-changer!

Have a lovely weekend and a healthy and happy New Year!




Nice…hope reformists open their mind and accept the realities of life…DPC hawker issue today is the consequence of an open mind without understanding the consequences of not building a wall. Hope stupidity has its limits just as intelligence has.

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