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From The Editor's Desk

Cross Bread

Dear Readers,

These past days have left us with a sad taste in our mouths… both news pieces are related to an aspect considered close to sacrosanct by our community – food. This week saw the passing away of the much-loved, nonagenarian restauranteur – Boman Kohinoor – senior partner of the iconic Britannia & Co, which made Parsi cuisine, especially its Berry Pulav, famous across the city, nation and even globally!

He leaves behind a legacy as inspirational as it is dynamic – be it steering his restaurant to unparalleled success; or his steadfast dedication – showing up at the eatery every single day, even in his nineties; or then, his exemplary sense of warm and jovial hospitality, which proved to be the leading factor that repeatedly pulled his clientele to Britannia. The community stands in solidarity with his family during this time of grief – as he leaves behind big shoes to fill, and an eatery that just won’t feel the same without him, anymore.

Another incident indicating the displeasure of the Food Gods is the Wibs wrangle – which led to a temporary halt in the production of the city’s most popular brand of sliced bread, and a frown on the faces of our bread-loving community, not to mention the distraught sandwichwalas of Mumbai (the moving Mumbaikar’s go-to culinary relief) – 90% of who solemnly swear their livelihood by Wibs! Owned by the Irani brothers, the community and the city hopes that Western India Bakers’ (Wibs) shelf-life doesn’t expire, and the brothers are able to resolve the dispute amicably, so as not to render this thorough-bread institution crossed over bread.

Have a good weekend!

– Anahita

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