The 101 Names Of Pak Dadar Ahura Mazda – Part II

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Start your work in the name of God, do your work with the help of God, finish your work with thanks to God because He decides, gives and makes everything possible!

What a grand show! As I sit to write this week’s column, I am witness to an amazing phenomenon. Have you noticed how many different sounds are coming in through your window? The evenings are bathed with the orange brilliance of the setting sun and with the happy chirping of crickets. Yellow fragile butterflies seem to be floating around us. The mornings are a cacophony of the sound of the sparrows and the parrots. The crows have their own conversations outside my window. Some mysterious black, grey and white birds sing incessantly! The nights are lit by the shining face of the moon and suddenly a million stars are ablaze. People from all over are uploading videos of dolphin and whale sightings. Isn’t Nature trying to tell us something? Maybe we should listen. Perhaps we have finally learnt to introspect, to pray, to heal. In this healing, we must also learn that we are not separate, but one living breathing miracle! 

This column is in continuation of my ongoing series on the 101 names of Pak Dadar Ahura Mazda, which are really His attributes or qualities. Chanting these names regularly creates a protective aura of their strength around us and keeps us safe. Reciting these names daily, post doing the kusti prayer, can remedy almost all ills and challenges we face. They are not a substitute for effort and hard work; these will augment your dedication and give it an added boost. Please note that each name is a prayer in itself and can be chanted to gain maximum benefit of its particular divine vibration. 

  1. Farakhtantehe: The source of all things and also the result -the Alpha and the Omega. This name, when chanted with dedication will bring clarity and light to the person who recites it. It will reveal hidden truths. When recited on Tir Roj, this name is particularly beneficial in gaining the grace of God. It also heals those suffering from any eye-related ailments. Recite this name 101 times with a glass of water in front of you and then drink that water or wash your eyes with it for relief.
  2. Jamag: The greatest of the great – an authority on all important matters, this name is effective in gaining victory over enemies, making the reciter strong and successful. Often, we are plagued with self-doubt or mental exhaustion with the challenges we face, and we give up before we even try. This name is highly beneficial to clear any self-doubt. It infuses you with renewed courage and a never-say-die attitude.
  3. Parjatareh: The supreme power over all matters resides in this name; it is the authority on everything and punishes oppressors. It is particularly important to recite this name on a no-moon night. All wrong doers will be admonished by Dadar Ahura Mazda. We are often slave to our needs. This name helps us rid ourselves of the need for materialistic wants and helps us reach higher realms of spiritual goals.
  4. Tum Afique: The purest and the holiest of all, this name helps purify ourselves and get rid of our doshas (failings). Those who recite this name can achieve great levels of purity and wisdom.
  5. Abarvand: This name helps us draw a boundary around us that no one can breach or enter. It creates an invisible circle of light around which cannot be broken or invaded by someone else’s negativity or vibration. Our Atash Padshah Sahebs have their own boundaries in the form of the pavi, created by the Dasturjis before enthroning the Holy Fire. 
  6. Parvanda: Our life is the gift of Ahura Mazda and this name helps us gain His blessings. Some of us give up on life due to extenuating circumstances, consumed by the overwhelming sense of its futility. This name helps lift us out of such despondency and renews meaning to our life. 
  7. An-Aiyafah: The incomprehensible One! Not all are able to comprehend the glory of Pak Dadar Ahura Mazda. This name helps us realize the glory and working of God in our lives. We are able to surmount obstacles without anyone noticing the secret of how we made it. This name is the silent blessing of Ahura. 
  8. Ham-Aiyafah: This name helps us unravel the secrets and mysteries that we have faced in our lifetime. However, this happens towards the end of our time. This name combats all the difficulties we face at work. It’s also beneficial to those who face difficulty conceiving children. Reciting this name makes your home a joyful place by blessing you with children.
  9. Adaro: The one who creates and walks a straight path. Often, we are faced with good and bad choices. The bad beckons for the easier route. This name helps us to choose wisely and go for all that is good by helping us choose the right path and miraculously making our difficulties melt away. Not only do we gain blessings, but also protection from any harm that may be coming our way.
  10. Gira: One who takes care of all things. This name helps us find something that we may have lost. It renews our inner instinct to help find what we need and avoid what we don’t. It works when we have no other recourse and takes care of a lot of our baffling problems.
  11. Achem: One without beginning or origin, like Dadar Ahura Mazda! Ahura is beyond time and dimension, hence un-begun. This digitally connected world makes it easy to enter and invade anyone’s privacy and space. Some of us value our privacy perhaps more than life itself and we prefer to keep our lives to ourselves. Just as we cannot comprehend Ahura, so also this name helps guard our privacy and our personal matters from others.
  12. Chamna: The cause of all causes and the source of all sources. God is the only living source, He is our first source and our last recourse. This name magnifies all that we ask for.  The one who recites this name will witness a manifold increase in his income and even his lifespan. It gives relief from pain in the eyes too! So, all those who are hooked onto the screen, find your relief by reciting this name with due sincerity!
  13. Safna: Progressor of all worlds. The wise knower of progress. Those who recite this name experience progress in all fields of their existence. If you lack fruitful work, this is the name to recite. It brings you opportunities for increasing your sphere of work and influence. This name brings with it manifold advances in earnings, respect, honour and even children!

Look out for the continuation of ‘The 101 Names Of Pak Dadar Ahura Mazda’ Series in our next issue! 

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