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Dear Readers,

As a community, we boast of a sizeable number of seniors, since we are genetically blessed with longevity. While it would have been ideal had the current generation been able to walk shoulder to shoulder in terms of our then population, the truth is, our current numbers predict a sorry, nay, regrettable state of affairs.

Various attempts are being made to arrest the nearly-imminent extinction of the Parsi community. Some of these attempts have proven helpful, but unfortunately, the scale of requirement in terms of number of births vis-à-vis the number of deaths, is yet falling rather short, to be able to restore the population’s balance.

Until this issue, which looms threateningly over the very existence and future of the community, is taken up conscientiously, as a collective mission of priority by the community itself, the desired results will continue to evade us. And this will cause an increasing sense of insecurity in our ability to protect the interests and the welfare of the community’s members and its assets.

Over the past few years, we have lost numerous community stalwarts, who greatly contributed to the legacy and the glory of being Parsi. Here again, the gap in numbers of our Parsi greats then and now, remains a cause for concern.

We need to step up as a community collectively, in terms of our efforts to arrest the slide in both – our population and our glory. The focus has to, if not shift, then at least be shared, from simply individual pursuits to those inclusive of pursuits that will salvage the community. Rightfully is it said, there is no power for change greater than a community discovering what it cares about.

Have a good weekend!

– Anahita


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