Book Launch: ‘Homi J Bhabha: A Life’ By Bakhtiar K Dadabhoy

Author Bakhtiar K Dadabhoy’s recent book release titled, ‘Homi J Bhabha: A Life’ chronicles the life of one of India’s most impactful and exceptional scientists, alongside a significant era in Indian science. Published by Rupa, this biography of Homi Bhabha, who established India’s nuclear energy programme, comprehensively covers his early life, scientific experiments, institution building, […]

Film Review: Poorna

At 13 years, one is just about old enough to learn about the Himalayas, notably its tallest peak Mount Everest. On 25 May 2014, Malavath Poorna, the impoverished daughter of poor and illiterate Adivasi village-folk in Telengana, became the youngest female to ascend the famed peak. In his second directorial effort (Everybody Says I’m Fine, […]


Married for 10 years and First Lady for a shade under three years, Jacqueline Kennedy has been arguably the most popular and charismatic First Lady of the US, even after her remarriage five years after her husband John F. Kennedy’s assimilation. Chilean director Pablo Larrain’s Jackie is an account of her interview to Life correspondent […]

Film Review: The Founder

Welcome to the American world of corporate take-overs, welcome to the land of inked contracts, cheesy hand-shake agreements, milkshakes and burgers. Ray Kroc (Michael Keaton) is a struggling traveling proprietor-cum-salesman from Illinois, touring towns, attempting to sell his five-spindled milkshake machine and getting doors slammed in his face – well, most of the time. And […]

Film Review: Hands Of Stone

It’s difficult to imagine Robert De Niro in any sport film other than boxing. In his fourth film on the sport (Raging Bull, Night and the City, Grudge Match), De Niro plays the altruistic and patriarchal Ray Arcel who nurtured and propelled Roberto Duran (Edgar Ramirez) to the pinnacle of boxing glory in the light-middleweight […]