Importance of Zoroastrian Priesthood

According to Firdausi’s Shahnameh, during the prehistoric Peshdadian times (i.e., even before the advent of Asho Zarathushtra) Iranian society was divided into four classes or professions – Arthravan or Priest, Ratheshtar or warrior, Vastriyosh or farmer and Hutaos or artisan. This was similar to the ancient Vedic Varna system of Brahmin (priest, teacher, intellectual), Kshatriya […]

Muktads In Kanpur

The primary functional Agiary of Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand, the ‘Byramji Nowroji Javeri Dar-E-Meher’ in Kanpur, every year invites Behdin Pasbans, from Mumbai and Navsari, during the holy days of Muktad and Gathas to help offer religious prayers, in absence of Mobeds. Since 2013, the Behdin Pasbans have been devotedly taking care of the sacred […]