Importance of Zoroastrian Priesthood

According to Firdausi’s Shahnameh, during the prehistoric Peshdadian times (i.e., even before the advent of Asho Zarathushtra) Iranian society was divided into four classes or professions – Arthravan or Priest, Ratheshtar or warrior, Vastriyosh or farmer and Hutaos or artisan. This was similar to the ancient Vedic Varna system of Brahmin (priest, teacher, intellectual), Kshatriya […]

Syamak Dastoor Ordained Navar

14-year-old Syamak Adil Dastoor, son of proud parents – Farzana and Ervad Adil Dastoor, was ordained Navar on 5th May, 2019 (Roz Mareshpand, Mah Adar), at the Vatcha Gandhy Agiary, under the guidance of Er. Adil Jalejar Bhesania (Boiwalla) and Er. Asphandiar Rustomji Dadachanji, Panthaky – Vatchagandhy Agiary. Here’s extending heartiest congratulations, on behalf of […]

Anosh Pochara Ordained Navar

On 13th May, 2019, Anosh Vistasp Pochara, ten-year-old son of delighted parents, Rashna and Er. Vistasp Dara Pochara, was ordained Navar, at the Vatchha Gandhy Agiary (Hughes Rd), under the able guidance of Dasturji  Er. Asphandiar R. Dadachanji and  Er. Adil Bhesania, and trained under Roshan Keki  Ravji and Er. Keki Ravji. Ervad Anosh hails […]